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Let me know what you think of that Bardin build

chivalry medieval warfare 01 1024x576 - Let me know what you think of that Bardin build

I know, It's my third build thread in a row. What can I say – either you figure that stuff yourself or you're too stupid and lazy to and need to ask others for their opinion. The build goes as follows.


  • See It Coming
  • Oblivious To Pain
  • Adrenaline Surge
  • Grudge-Borne
  • No Escape


Dual axes – 10% vs Chaos, 2+ stamina, Swift Slaying (might change it into Parry or Resourceful Combatant)

2h axe – push/block angle, 5% attack speed, Parry (anti-horde weapon, so can use better protection)

Necklace – 20% hp, 2+ stamina, Boon of Shallya

Charm – 10% vs infantry, 10% vs armoured, Decanter

Trinket – 33% curse resistance, 5% movement speed, Grenadier (might change movement speed into attack speed, might be a better option for using 2h axe)


So, with this build, I can:

1-shot stormvermin with push-block attack,

1 or 2-shot maulers, I'm not sure (I think 2-shot),


1 to 2-shot most if not all specials,

3-shot CWs with push-block attack,

Dodge a lot, and have a decent hp pool,

Move fast, what with the movement speed bonus coming from the talent and the trinket property,

Be a decent and relatively safe crowd-killer with the 2h axe, which is also a good anti-elite weapon for when I don't have the time to change weapons,

TL;DR – elite killer with good crowd-killing capabilities. So, what do you think? I haven't tested it out yet, been playing on an inferior, all-around-the-place build before with which I was doing fine* but there was room for improvement. Stuff like Grenadier, Decanter and Boon of Shallya isn't up for discussion – they suit my style of playing and that's that.

*lately I suck like never before, but that's beside the point

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