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Let me talk about this toxic interaction I just had …

warhammer 9 - Let me talk about this toxic interaction I just had ...

Warning! long pointless angry rant! Enjoy reading.

So my buddy and I were playing some QP, we had just finished an evening of getting sloppy killed on legend because tonight we decided to be bad apparently. So we had a few hours of fun deaths and wins, it was a lovely vermin evening.

And then … I decided well before I log I’ll do one last run to get my engineer hat (25 completions). So two people log and my buddy and I go run one last QP on champion for an “easy” run.

So we get about halfway through festering ground, we finally get two randos in the lobby. I’m Engy and so we haven’t seen any randos really at all, so two people is exciting!

Well … jokes on us, I will refer to them as D (a bounty hunter) and C (battle wizard). Well D’Souza opening move is to ult fire pistol me in the head followed by barrage of volley crossbow shots. I lose 60 of my 96 hit points.

I hop on text chat and as him to watch the friendly fire, and get a disgruntled “eh I’m trying” Great … thanks please try harder it’s been 30 seconds and I’ve never gotten this much FF.

Moments later … a horde! I’ve been downed and picked up, I have a tome and no Medkits so I’m blocking, dodging, weaving, and I catch a huge from nowhere. I wonder what happened and look around, C is just opening fire on me with a fireball staff. I’m dodging shots and battling a horde.

I somehow survive with C actively trying to kill me, we move ahead I’m basically just dodging shots the entire time. I ask what’s happening and C goes on this rant about how “people only play dwarf, and it’s bullshit, and I should branch out (for reference I have ever career maxed and I’m playing the new class because it’s new …)

We get to the last time he kills my friend, D kills C and tea bags him for a bit, I rejoice briefly, however … horde in bound! D dives for revives into the bog, I’m trapped behind gas.

I fight into the big finally, D finds C and tea bags him for a bit, C is ranting and frothing at the mouth about how shitty the community is. I’m struggling against multiple CW’s and a horde solo but I make it through.


We get everyone up, including C (maybe he’ll be ok now?) nope … he opens fire again C and D fight it out, my buddy and I attempt to clear the objective while this happens.

C wins the fight? Or they stopped idk I was busy playing the game, mind you C is still ranting about how the community needs to branch out and play new classes (there’s always a dwarf in every lobby! He can never play dwarf! Yadda yadda).

So C dives across where the bridge drops down with his dive ult (cool! Didn’t know you could do that) well he starts destroying them so that when we get there 12/13 are gone but the game reads 0/13.

Might’ve been trying to break the objective? Might’ve been helping? Idk …

We clear 1/2 and get to room 3, C just starts blasting while my buddy and I clear the objectives while also actively fighting C.

Buddy and I dive ahead, C ands can do as they please. My buddy falls, his finally death. C firing into my back, dwarf legs hoping as fast as they can. C gets caught! Killed by rats? By D? Idk …

I’m almost to the exit, D fires his ult at me, he misses barely. A volley of cross bow bolts one hits, the rest miss … D is slain by rats.

I revive my buddy feet from the portal and we escape!


Over 500 FF between these two clowns, the craziest rambling I’ve ever heard on comms the entire time. I’m confused, I’m angry, but I got my fukin 25 W hats.

C if read this, and if you weren’t just trolling, make a post about how you feel, being an asshole and trying to ruin the game for others doesn’t help.

D … idk if trolling or just a BAD shot … but watch the FF my guy.

The rest of you, are great, I love this community, I’m shocked at the insane absolutely bullshit we just dealt with.

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