Warhammer: Vermintide

Let’s discuss a new stamina system in the beta build

warhammer 4 - Let's discuss a new stamina system in the beta build

(inb4: this text mostly relates to tank classes, as they lacks of mobility and rely heavily on blocking)

How it was before: you block attacks, loosing your stamina shields. Then you kill something (technically, gaining temp HP), and you are good to go – your stamina was recovered from kill.

How it's now: stamina recovery on gaining temp HP mechanism was completely removed, but the stamina regeneration rate was doubled. Why it is a problem?

Situation 1. You standing inside of the trash horde, pushing, blocking and killing things. Before the beta it was the easiest part of the game, as you basically get more stamina and temp HP than you could spend. But now tanks getting temp HP for staggering, not killing, and can only regenerate their stamina over time. So you block, push, heavy swipe, block, push, heavy swipe, … and after 6 or more cycles you have 0 stamina. And now you are in trouble, you need some decent amount of time to recover stamina up, but you are still surrounded by the mob, you cannot dodge far enough, and your only solution is to continue heavy swiping everything.


Situation 2. You aggroed some chaos party of 2-3 Chaos Warriors, 4-7 Maulers and a bunch of normal chaos folks. Before the beta, your solution was simple: block or dodge CW, and recover your lost stamina on killing maulers and infantry. But now in the beta you're in real trouble in this situation: you cannot outrun your enemies, and they will broke your stamina a way faster then you can recover it.

In addition to that, stamina usage in the battle even increased due to permanent need of pushing for gaining temp HP.

Could you please look at this, Fatshark. Even I, not being a game designer, could think on some solutions:

  • Active stamina regeneration in some way. Killing, loosing HP, generating HP, recovering your ulti, some new special talents or equipment traits, it does not really matter

  • Push cost decreased by the "block cost" property. Well, it is not a solution to the general problem, but it gives a way larger stamina pool for pushing and blocking


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