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Lets talk about size of maps and range of specials.

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Playing VT2 we can all see that the width of each map is greater on average. Playing most of the time on Champion with mostly random people I died mostly (about 80% of times) because of long range leach teleport or vortex. People said before that he is too hard to deal but there is also question of ranged/melee characters. To deal with that very long range specials you have to kill them from long range or wait for them to attack you. The problem is it takes time and you have to move foward, so to prevent that it is better to take good ranged class. Even when you are ranged class dealing with melee enemies is not an issue. Every time I lose there is something probably I (or someone on my team) could do better but when 2 leaches teleport behind you in large horde you probably are dead. I saw people getting caught even after dodging green orb, people pulled from 30 meters, vorteks blocking path for few minutes while special is hiding behind walls. There are sound and visual cues but what can you do if you cant see special but he can attack you at any moment from any range. All other specials have limitations:


Gassrat – small and static AOE
Packmaster – have to walk close to you, dodge
Assasyn – have to jump on you, can be shoved, you can stunlock him
Ratling gunner – inaccurate from long range, can be flanked, slow
Flamethrower – slow, short range.
Funny thing is that Gassrat is probably the easiest to deal with special now and before he wast the hardest just because of bigger maps.

I think that when you design a special you should give him any weakness (sound/visual cues are not that). It will make the game easier but also less frustrating. You can also tune other aspects to make game harder but no less fun and please let Unchaned blow up when she is stunlocked to death.

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