Warhammer: Vermintide

Let’s talk about Zealot

warhammer 10 - Let's talk about Zealot

I really didn't want to start "nerf pls" topic, but recent QP made me worried about this career at current state. I currently grind legend achievements for Kruber-Merc, and I met another Zealot with tendency "Don't heal me, I'm getting power boost". After some discussions in Squirrel Squad I ended up in conclusion, that getting low hp and taking risks is viable strategy and very core of Zealot's design but in current state with amount of temp hp regenerated and damage reduction there is no risk involved.

Let's take a look, what does Zealot have (most important):

  • 50% damage reduction thanks to Flagellant.
  • 150 base HP.
  • Huge temp hp regen from Pleasure from Pain on top of other temp hp talents.
  • Huge boost to power thanks to passive Fiery Faith.
  • Ignoring death thanks to passive Heart of Iron.

When you combine all of this together you have unkillable killing machine with constant huge power boost. If you compare it to other heroes, they are either not as tanky, or don't have that much reliable power source.


I don't really want to nerf everything mentioned. On top of that, I really like idea of taking risks, and Zealot should be really somehow different from other tanky or melee characters, but he is just overtuned in current state. My suggestion: take away Flagellant. So taking hits from elite enemies would cost player greatly, instead of "lol, i'll just regen all lost hp in one second". If you still think that's too big of a nerf, replace it with decreased damage reduction, like IB or FK have.

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