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Let’s talk deeds (replayability)

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I myself and many others have come to a point where normal legend isn't that much of a challenge anymore. Deeds, however, can be a lot of fun as they can pose a real challenge (some of them at least). However there is one problem; deeds are very rare.

From my personal experience (I recently opened about 500 combined generals/emperors vaults) I found the drop rate to be around 5-7%. That's around 1 deed (or 4 if you count all the players) every 20 games. This simply isn't enough for sustained deed play.

IMO deeds should be much more common.

Another change I'd like to see is replayability of deeds. I think it would be nice if you could replay the deed after completing it but for no reward (except for the normal vault you get for completing the level).


A cool way to implement this is by adding some sort of deed book to the game, which lists all map/difficulty combinations. By completing a certain deed on one of those maps/difficulties the modifiers of that deed get unlocked for that specific map/difficulty combination. You can then create your own deed with the modifiers you have unlocked and play it as often as you want. Maybe add a restriction to the number of deed modifiers (perhaps more than 3 can't be done due to coding idk) that ties in with the #deed challenges (more deeds completed=unlocking more modifier slots).

The only downside I can think of is allowing people to farm easy deeds to complete the #deed challenges. I'd argue against this by saying people already farm deeds by joining quickplays and asking for deeds, creating discord groups to farm them and by playing lower difficulties.

Also, now we're talking deeds how about you change deprivation so that tomes and grims spawn.

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