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Levelling characters to 30 takes way too long, here’s a suggestion on how to fix it

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So, I think that your first character's leveling speed kind of makes sense. I didn't play VT1 so the amount of time it took me to get to 30 with my first character helped me acclimate myself to the game, and it felt like an accomplishment (and pride huehue) when I finally reached that level cap.

Also, when trying out a new character it takes some time to get used to their skills and weapon sets.

However, once you get the hang of it, playing a level 12 Kruber on champion is pretty joyless. Once you get above level 10, beating Champion with all tomes/grims doesn't always grant an entire level, and it gets worse the higher you get.

So you have to spend hours grinding through until you FINALLY get to 25 or above to play Legend. And a lot of Legend players won't be thrilled playing with an under-leveled character, and rightfully so for the most part.


The main issue for me is that now that I've gotten used to the game and levels, the only real joy I get is from playing on Legend and never getting the Red drops or cosmetics that I want getting that sweet end game loot. I am sure I am not the only one, and letting people level up their alts quickly would possibly keep more people playing without having to spend hours grinding to level up.

So my thoughts are that a lot of games (MMORPGs come to mind) have systems where you are easily to level up alts once your main character reaches the cap. My proposed solution for VT2 is that if you have a level 30 character, you get double or triple XP with your alts.

Your thoughts?

TLDR: Leveling alts takes forever. There should be a system where if you have a lvl 30 char, your alts receive double/triple XP to speed up the progression to end-game content.

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