Warhammer: Vermintide

Lingering flame discussion and suggestions.

warhammer 2 - Lingering flame discussion and suggestions.

Bright wiz is one of the most fun classes in the game, but she just has no dps, with the exception of maybe fireball or bolt with dam v monster for bosses or dam v chaos/ armor or something. i also love the fact that lingering flame applies to fire bombs. thats all good and fine.

However, i would like lingering flame to affect chaos warriors because that would actually make flame sword very viable for BW specifically. its a shame because flame sword is siennas poster weapon, but none of her classes are really GOOD with it, imo. I mean, sienna in general leaves much to be desired, currently. shes super fun, but her meta builds are very boring with her imo. unchained crowbill is boring, and so is cooldown pyro tbh.

Anyway, i think that sienna is the only char in the game with an underpowered poster weapon. kruber halberd/X-sword is good. saltz rapier is great. elf daggers are great. Dwarf axes/irondrake pistols are great, and veteran isnt left out because his talents are godlike. (i know that there are better op weapons and all that, but im just talking about the weapons you think about when you think of the characters, you know? the weapons that the characters themselves would use.)


Is the ability to have a good DOT specialist class too much to ask? i think its super fun teleporting all over the map DOTing everything i can with beam staff/conflag/fireball and then going in and cleaning up with crowbill. its a blast. i just think that DOT would be great on chaos warriors because flamesword could feel really really good, in that regard.

Alternatively, instead of making lingering flame work on chaos, we could just have a DOT increase on flame sword. chaos could just get a couple of ticks and leave it at that. that way flame sword could just be buff across the board, and you can still maintain the strength of chaos armor.

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I just lean towards lingering flame working on chaos because BW is so fun. like, BW could be this sick CC/DOT class with sustained dps and high mobility. that would be so cool! thoughts? maybe some cool lingering flame builds?

Im currently running crowbill swiftslay attack speed crit chance, beam/fireball hunter dam v monster dam v skaven, attack speed crit/chaos decanter, stam health boon of shalya (the one with better healing), something curse resist grenadier i think?

Also, im thinking of switching to dam radius on grenade since i figured out the firebomb thing, but im not sure. also i forgot my talents, and i dont feel like checking rn. i dont think i messed those up too bad, and theyre pretty easy to figure out, anyway.

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