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List of Ranged Weapon HS Damage VS Chaos Warriors

chivalry screenshot1 - List of Ranged Weapon HS Damage VS Chaos Warriors

Inspiration from Rattertatter's post and morostheSophist's comment

It is a known fact that Chaos Warrior (and Mauler's head) benefit from an armor type called "Super Armor" instead of "Armored". According to UnShame's awsome Melee Weapon Spreadsheet, melee weapon does same exact damage against Super Armor as they would to Armored unless you drink a Str Pot.

However it is a lot less known fact that your ranged damage are largely decreased nearly to 0 against Super Armor even if you score a headshot. Also I haven't found any spreadsheet that notes the ranged damage against Super Armor so I've just went to Empire in Flames for 3hrs and made a sheet for myself.

TL;DR: I want to prove that most of the ranged weapon is garbage against CW without crit and you shouldn't risk firing at your allies.

Few notes before posting the data:

  1. The data is HP600 in Champion, Headshot, No crit.

  2. No data of Saltzpyre since my Saltzpyre is Lv1. Would be glad if anyone can fill it up.

  3. Scoring Critical shots will give you a HUGE armor penetration value, so yes Bounty Hunter with his passive up is a viable option against CW, so do other ranged weaponry IF THEY CRIT.

  4. It's noted if the weapon has significant stagger effect against CW.

  5. Chaos Warrior has 80 health in Champion, 120 in Legend.

And here goes the data:


  • Blunderbuss: 1~2 (probably 0.25~0.5 per pellet)

  • Handgun: 20, stagger

  • Longbow Fully-charged: 19

  • Repeater Handgun: 0 (probably 0.25~0.75, less than 1 but not 0)


  • Crossbow: 1

  • Drakefire Pistol: 0 (probably 0.25~0.75)

  • Drakefire Pistol DoT: no damage

  • Drakefire Pistol Alt-fire: no damage

  • Drakegun: no damage

  • Drakegun Alt-fire: no damage

  • Grudge-raker: 1 (probably same as Blunderbuss)

  • Handgun: 20, stagger


  • Hagbane Swiftbow Charged full DoT duration: 4

  • Hagbane Swiftbow Charged Explosion: no damage

  • Longbow Charged: 2

  • Swiftbow Charged: 0 (probably 0.25~0.75)

  • Volley Crossbow: 1

  • Trueshot Volley: 58 (probably 19 per single projectile)


  • Beam Staff 1 tick & explode: 1

  • Beam Staff 4 tick & explode: 2

  • Beam Staff alt-fire: 0 (probably 0.25~0.75)

  • Bolt Staff left click: 0 (probably 0.25~0.75)

  • Bolt Staff Fully-charged: 37, stagger

  • Conflagration Staff left click: 8

  • Conflagration Staff Fully-charged: 0 (probably 0.25~0.75)

  • Conflagration Staff DoT: no damage

  • Fireball Staff left click: 0 (probably 0.25~0.75)

  • Fireball Staff Fully-charged: 0 (probably 0.25~0.75)

  • Flamestorm Staff left click: 2

  • Flamestorm Staff fully-charged full duration: 15

  • Flamestorm Staff Charged DoT: no damage

  • The Burning Head: 80 on champion(= champion CW health), 96 on legendary, knockdown

Just a quick thought after this 3hr-long test, feels like a lot of numbers here aren't intended by developers of FS. For example, how Kerillian longbow is garbage compared with Empire longbow, and how conflagration left-click and fireball left-click is so different while they're supposed to be doing exact same damage. Also fireball full-charge doing 0 damage to CWs just doesn't make any sense from balance&lore point of view…

So if anyone got the time and dedication, please go to the official FS forum and ask them if they actually intended those bullshit numbers, or just ask them to give us a goddamn CW dummy in the fort already so we can test if anything looks glitched and next time I won't have to spend so much time just for this……

Going to sleep atm, will reply to any questions tomorrow.

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