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List of stuff that needs fixing, patch 1.0.5

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I'll start his by admitting that I am no uber-leet-pro-meta-skill gamer. I'm a decent* and long time Vermintide player – a Champion level guy, though I can play Legend if accompanied by my Discord buds. There certainly are people much more in the know-how of the game's gameplay and technicals.

I complain about VT2 a lot, but that's because I like this game very much and want it to be better. Below are few things that I feel really need fixing, and fast. I omit the lesser issues because I believe the problems below are of considerable importance and need to be addressed A.S.A.P in order to improve the game. If you feel like it, read up and let me know what you think. Who knows, maybe a dev or two will see this thread.

  • SOUNDS. I mean, come on, how hard is it to affix sound effects to enemies? Dozens of effin' Sam Fisher specials attack me and my pals out of blue every day, only letting us know they are there by throwing that glob into our group/ stabbing one of us repeatedly in the guts/ casting a nasty blightstorm/ etc. Fatshark, please LET US KNOW when there are specials on the map, and let us know if there are trash enemies nearby. Too many times have I been hit in the back only because I did not know there was a guy there. And yes, I do turn around a lot, but I believe that I should be able to play this game without going 360 degrees 24/7. Make sure that the enemies scream and chat when they attack the players, please,

  • decide whether or not do we get that "slash" sound before being hit from the flank. It is sometimes there and sometimes not. Just make up your mind, Fatshark, and either remove it or make sure it always clicks when a player's attacked from the flank,

  • special spawns. Hey, FS – dunno if you know, but having to fight a bunch of four (on Champ) specials every few minutes is not fun. It's just tedious. Special spawns should be random; they should surprise us. There is no fun in being sure that "oh, in a minute we'll be attacked by two leeches, packrat and an assassin". T-e-d-i-o-u-s. Also, stop always spawning certain specs/elites in certain areas, like a wave of plague monks at the end of Hunger In The Dark or chaos warrior always standing in front of Righteous Stand temple. Again, not fun, boring.

  • patrol spawns on Legend. Doesn't require further comment,

  • crashes and DC's. Too often have my game crashed near the end of the map. I even had weird crashes. E.g. Into the Dark: right after the boss died, whole party beside me died and got kicked out (I was the host). After I made it beyond the elevator I managed to revive the bots, which all had all the items they players playing them had on themselves when they died and DC-ed, including tomes and grims. My friend tried hard to rejoin me but he kept getting error messages. That felt disgusting,

  • speaking of Into The Nest, enemies shooting through the walls. Again, doesn't require further comment,

There are what I, a medium-level player, think are the biggest issues with the game at the moment.

*even though after 1400 hours of playing the series I STILL cannot learn how to consistently NOT get hit. I blame it partly on the sound issues, but still, it's getting frustrating. I see many people being hit considerably less than I do.

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