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I took a little break from this game about 3 weeks ago, 160ish hours in. This was right around the time it became known that there were problems getting consistent groups on Legend, and then we find out there are new matchmaking bugs that (once again) came out of nowhere and had to be patched. Not wanting to deal with more buggy gameplay. I played other games until it all got fixed.

I read the patch notes today saying the issue was fixed, decided to fire up V2 aaaaand the game won't boot. The launcher won't even appear on my screen when I launch from Steam. I double-click V2 in Steam and my computer hangs forever until I go into task manager and end the V2 task. I tried many times, the game simply won't boot. I read threads of people having this problem before, but I never have had it until now.


I'm sure there's some sort of solution to this somewhere or maybe a reinstall will fix it, but I just don't care anymore. I'm just so tired with Fatsharks hilariously bad dev team, I don't even want to spend the effort to figure out how/why all of a sudden my game won't even launch.

As a lifelong gamer and big Vermintide fan, Fatshark seriously just depresses me. I've never had such great love for a game while also harboring such disdain for the dev team that created it. I'm simply worn out with this game, and I'm most likely hanging it up for good.

I know a lot of you will not really care about one guy posting that they're done with this game, but I just feel like venting and I know I'm not alone here. I wanted to play well into the 300+ hour range, but I think 160 is enough for me. Great game, fu*king AWFUL dev team.


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