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Lore-wise, if the characters were to fight each other…

warhammer 10 - Lore-wise, if the characters were to fight each other...

It’s a scenario I’ve had in mind since the Drachenfels missions, so here’s my idea of who would have the best chance of 1v4ing the rest of the Ubersreik Five (or four, it doesn’t matter) and winning, if they actually decided to turn on each other, for some reason.

The rules: careers aren’t canon, so no Shade Kerillian or Grail Knight Kruber. DLC weapons get excluded for the same reason (otherwise Bardin with the gat gun would take it ez). The heroes have access to their choice of equipment (I’m excluding career exclusive weapons as well) and are fighting in a more or less open area with some cover to work with. They know the rest of the crew are out to kill and will act accordingly.

Also, keep in mind that I’m judging this by what’s in the greater Warhammer Fantasy lore, not gameplay abilities. So, Kruber or Saltzpyre can’t yell people off cliffs here.

The contestants:

Markus Kruber: a hardened veteran of many a campaign, he’s a powerful, well armed and armored warrior with a wide array of weaponry at his disposal. However, he’s in the field with combatants whose fighting experience is equal or greater than his own, in many cases. He may also have trouble applying his soldiering skills to a more duel-focused scenario. Also, hats aren’t armor (but he’d easily win if this was a fashion contest).

Bardin Gorrekson: former ironbreaker turned ranger turned exile, Bardin’s range of experience in armed combat makes him a very dangerous foe in any situation, and a top contender for first place in this scenario. His dwarven physique means he may be able to take more punishment than the humans and the elf, especially considering he’s probably the most well armored out of the bunch (which isn’t saying much, honestly), and it will also award him some resistance to any magic directed at him. Overall, not a dwarf you’d want to cross.

Kerillian: not much to say other than she’d probably be a terror to face in combat. She has a definite speed advantage over the others by virtue of being an elf, and possible centuries of experience as a Waywatcher of Athel Loren. Also, we know she’s spooky with a bow.


Victor Saltzpyre: old Victor is geared as a duelist and is an experienced hunter, so I don’t doubt he’d be able to hold his own and then some against his comrades. However, he is missing an eye and is somewhat lacking in armor, so he might struggle some in this situation.

Sienna Fuegonassus: Sienna is actually the character who most benefits from a lore interpretation. She’s no longer confined to petty spells like Bolt or Blast, and can now bring to bear the more deadly spells in the lore of fire, as befits her experience as a Battle Wizard.

My rankings:

  1. Kerillian: in my view, her speed and ranged abilities allow her to squeeze out a victory over the others.

  2. Sienna: it’s not surprising that being able to summon great storms of flame, incinerating projectiles in midair, and making the blood of your enemies explode out of their bodies in geysers would place her near the top. I think she ultimately loses to Kerillian simply because the elf is quicker on the draw, but it’d be a very near thing.

  3. Bardin: his superior experience allows him to shame the umgi, but he can’t win in a ranged duel against the wizard or elf, and he’d have trouble closing the distance in either case.

  4. Kruber/Saltz: I’m honestly unsure who would beat who for the second-to-last spot. Kruber is built stronger and is better equipped in the armor department, but Saltz is a born duelist and he’s clearly comfortable in his rapier/pistol combo, which could be very difficult for Kruber to deal with. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Obviously this is pure speculation on my part (and I’m no expert), I’d love to hear what you all think of my interpretation and who you think would take the victory.

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