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Love Letter to Vermintide

warhammer 9 - Love Letter to Vermintide

I've been hearing quite a bit of complaint about the game state and dev team lately, and I wanted to do a little write up on both my appreciation for the game, and (in case it's useful to anyone) the mentality I approach it with.

I love Vermintide. It's my favorite game, hands down. I love the aesthetic and the ambiance, I love the "crunch" and tension of gameplay, I love (possibly most of all) the detail of the sound design and subtle movement mechanics that are both intuitive to learn and complex to master. It has incredible voice acting, and impressive graphics. It somehow manages to be both a thrilling game to play and an amazingly faithful personification of the world of warhammer.

Also, possibly controversially, I like the DLC. I like the ups and downs, new content, and changes to core mechanics. I loved the patch that made dodging a little too easy, I loved the patch that brought it back in check. Some of my favorite memories in the game are from when the fort finale was bugged and my friends and I charged into the mayhem together looking for a clear that we never got. A game like vermintide is fun because it teaches you to never know what to expect from a run, and to always rise toward the challenge.

I've been playing since vermintide 1, when I ate up J_sat videos trying to learn the game. I posted on reddit when I finally finished bot-only clears of all the V1 maps on cata, and found a wholesome, fun, challenge-celebrating community. I remember how proud I was when I joined a J_sat stream game and afterwards he called our performance "perfectly competent". I remember cheering on Kempy's stack from twitch chat while they did what I was sure would be impossible with apparent ease.

With that said, I have fewer hours played that most of you probably do. I have 500 in V2 and 200 in V1. I just got the Master banner a few weeks ago. I still am not consistent on V2 cata. Maybe it's because I haven't played enough to burn out, but I have an amazing time when I play, and I still introduce friends to the series, including one earlier today.

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I treat this game like a slightly more replayable dark souls. I got more than my money's worth 50 hours in. I log in when I have time so that I can tinker with builds, or try to improve at a satisfyingly difficult game, or just to have some crazy experiences with my friends (many of which lead to stories that we still tell each other and look back on fondly.) The game often fades off our radar, and I think that's okay. It always finds a way back, usually either when one of us thinks of a fun challenge-run to do, a new build, or when a big patch hits.

I don't expect to be able to enjoy this or any game indefinitely. I don't expect to get new continents or races or heroes. I do think every bit of post-release content we've gotten has been awesome. I also think it's super generous that in today's game market my friends can play any DLC that I've bought when I host. I was blown away that a whole new race was added, let alone maps, and lohner's emporium kicks ass.

This is a game with an unbelievable foundation of gameplay. I think that this kind of game is played best when setting challenges and expectations for yourself. If you haven't already, you should try a swiftbow only cata truesolo speedrun, or playing in a party of four only using overhead "bonk" attacks. It wont give any extra loot die, but the currency of this game, like any game, is the memories we make and the stories we tell.

So from the bottom of my heart, (and I'm guessing I speak for more of us than you might think) thanks Fatshark. Thanks for an amazing game, and an irreplaceable set of memories.

TL;DR This game is dope, give it some freakin love.

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