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Low level loot – I opened chests and did some crafting on a new account

warhammer 7 - Low level loot - I opened chests and did some crafting on a new account

Currently the best source of loot information is this spreadsheet, which concerns loot on high level characters. I have seen rumours about how the loot works on lower level characters, but the lack of concrete information has bothered me.

I set out to collect some data on a fresh account. I limited my testing mainly to commendation chests, so that I could gather significant enough amount of data in reasonable time. I opened 103 commendation boxes on level 12 character. The data and graphs can be found from this spreadsheet.


  • Orange items dropped at significantly lower rate compared to high level character (2.6% vs 10.8%).
  • Third of the items were melee weapons, third ranged weapons, third jewelry.
  • Hero power of new items seemed to be based on the average of the highest seen items of the five slots: (M+R+N+C+T)/5.
  • Relative power of new items seemed to decrease as the item power grew (from -5.4/+10.6 at 70 power to -5.4/+5.4 at 200 power).
  • I didn't get any hats, which, while unlucky, is not that out of the ordinary.

After the commendation boxes, I did some crafting and opened different kinds of chests on level 24 character. The data (which can be found from the link above) seemed to support all of the above points. The exception to this was random item crafting, which seems to have equal distribution of items across the five slots. This is different from chests, where the distribution is split in three (melee/ranged/jewelry).



All in all, if you are a new player, you should always craft items to the slot, which lags behind in power compared to the other slots. The aim is to open boxes, when all five slots have roughly equal hero power. In particular you should pay attention to jewelry slots, because their power is prone to falling behind (because chests have more weapons than jewelry). In contrast jewelry slots affect power of new items a lot, because, well, three of the five slots are jewelry. If you are running low on gemcutter's kits, you can try crafting random items.

Scrap is plentiful, so don't be afraid to burn it.


There are still three questions I'm interested in, but I will not test them further.

The first one is the obvious one: How does character level affect red item drops? The data I collected practically doesn't say anything about this, but I think it's safest to assume there is some kind of scaling similar to orange items.

The second thing I'm curious about is if item quality scaling works up to level 35. Before Winds of Magic was released, the level cap was 30. Did Fatshark adjust the scaling to consider those added extra five levels, or does the scaling still cap at level 30?

The third question concerns this line in game:

Chests exist with six different tiers for each difficulty level. Every tier increases the chance of receiving items of higher quality and Power.

The data I collected about this is very limited, but it could indicate this is true. If that's the case, collecting books might accelerate hero power progression a bit.

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