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Mace(Hammer)&Shield need buffs (Legend experience)

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 1 1024x576 - Mace(Hammer)&Shield need buffs (Legend experience)

disadvantages summary:

  • worst anti boss DPS – check

  • worst anti-armor DPS – check

  • weak single-target (infantry) DPS – check

  • weak-average horde DPS – check

  • worst dodge range and block run speed – check

  • push cant interrupt berserkers unless stacking ~25% power vs – check

  • slow charge time of charged 1 attack, the effect not worth it – check

summary of advantages:

  • can interrupt stormvermins, maulers and chaos warriors, however the stun duration / stagger impact isn't enough to provide solid control for a team. Against multiple elites or mixed with horde you just clinging for your safety, while not doing DPS nor solid control (which is the worst feeling). With ~25% power vs savage/monk, you start interrupting their attack combos, but they also have very short stun times, only enough to give you an opening when you face, like, 1 berserk max.

  • you have good horde control, can push into hyper density and lay any horde down. But because the cleave on light attacks isnt that great you still have to use stamina for pushing between attacks, and dodges. Combined with weak-average horde dps (weak for chaos hordes), its a better option to have DPS weapon instead and using aggro-trading tactic with a teammate.

  • light attacks have not bad stagger… which isn't much use. It even makes it harder to headshot marauders after the first hit lands, because they flinch a lot

  • wide block arc… who does block-tanking in 2018? if it had some off-balance built in by default (or stronger trait version, at least vs infantry), then maybe…

i've used mace+shield on merc with swift slaying and some crit %, stamina regen, 15% power from paced strikes. And even then this weapon felt unrewarding to use.

If its gonna specialize in crowd control, let it have solid capabilities in that regard, otherwise it needs serious damage buffs (like having damage of 1.0.4).

DPS in this game is king, and anti-armor/elite in particular, so the weapons that have reduced damage for balance reasons – need to be compensated a lot more than how you used to do it (looking at shields, 2h sword, flail). My advice to you devs – don't overestimate the value of control and hit/push stagger from melee weapons, in its current state i mean.

this post was inspired by the instance where i was kicked from the keep after i equipped mace+shield and stepped into the gate =D

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