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make A pity timer on red items

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Having played nearly 300 hours and never seeing a red item dropping out of all those legendary and emp champion's chests made me ponder if FatSharks game desigher really knows how progression through lootboxes really works in recent succesfull games that have this kind of system, so I'll try to bring this discussion to the table.

While kind of fun, the concept of lootboxes never revolved around rewarding player for effort, because usually players with different skill level and effort put into obtaining said lootbox get the same lootbox, which, on the other hand, gives reward based purely on randomness. One guy gets his fancy crap on first try, and plays about 5 hour per week, while the other grinds his ass and gets nothing. It's inconsistent.

This inconsistency leads to a certain psychology which many modern publishers like to capitalize on – once you get frustrated enough, you will just go and buy the fancy crap you want so bad directly from the game store or buy craploard of said lootboxes to almost eliminate randomness factor due to purity of number magic.

However, this is not the case with this game, because FatShark doesn't want to sell lootboxes for money (and I totally approve their intention to keep progression system out of that pesky microtransaction world). That being said, VT2's lootboxes are giving you as much inconsistensy and laughable chances of getting something decent that sometimes you wonder if they really meant to sell them and scrapped that idea in the last moment.


So, let's jump to suggestion itself. Many games made by hivemind named Blizzard have a simple system tied to lootboxes in their games: a pity timer. This system basically gives you a free item of highest possible rarity once you open a certain amount of lootboxes of a same type without getting highest rarity item. Example:

Getting red item from a general's vault is 2% with a pity timer of 20 chests. You and your friend Albrecht play together and farm legend QP. You have played 25 games and by a Sigmar's miracle both got a total of 20 general's and 5 emperor's vaults. Then you begin a cheerful session of opening that grand trove and your friend got 4 red items from general's and 1 red from emperor's while you got only 1 red from general's and nothing from emperor's.

While your friend got lucky and scored a grand total of 5 reds, you still got rewarded for your effort of clearing 20 legendary maps with the result of a general's vault. You are not getting too upset about your misfortune because you know that pity timer will consistently reward your time investment into this game even if you are not fortunate enough to roll a good dice. Even more, you know about a separate pity timer of 10 chests tied to emperors vault, so you begin to work on another 5 emperors to get another guaranteed red drop.

So what do you think? I'm really posting this because an occasional wild dev walks these unholy grounds and reads stuff. I'm not sure if the game even stores the "opened chests" data, but in my eyes this is a simple enough solution to make folks like me shut up and stop complaining about rng.

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