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Make crafting/end game grind meaningful

warhammer 1 - Make crafting/end game grind meaningful

I'm reaching like 250 hours in Vermintide 2 and after i reached 300 equipment (horse)power on every character i feel like there's absolutely 0 incentive to play. By no means am i asking Vermintide to become a loot based RPG like path of exile but opening emperor's vaults feels dissapointing when you reach that point. Also crafting is a pain, period.

This is a list of things that i think will ameliorate the situation and i personally want to see. Many of them, if not all, have been proposed before but i just feel like something must be done.

1) Make crafting more time efficient.

Sometimes i have to open like 30 boxes, sometimes im forced to salvage 900 items because the inventory is full. The way it works right now, i open a youtube video to watch and after literally 20 minutes of non stop clicking and waiting, im done. The current system is a pain and a chore.

2) Make us able to choose what properties/traits we want on our weapons

You thought the previous one was bad? Imagine having to actually pay attention until you get the 2 properties you want and in most cases the first few crafts will be discarded because you rolled very low. Just give us the option to choose at some high dust cost.

3) Make salvaged weapons matter

Anything other than reds are currently 100% useless, i have more than enough dust to reroll every weapon in the game game i want. In fact i have so much dust i dont even know how much i got (shows 999+). I do not know how fix this in a "balanced way". Maybe allow to turn lower quality dust into higher ones at a really bad rate. Maybe allow to use weapon parts to create a random quality weapon (with the hopes of getting a red).


4) Give red weapons that were upgraded with red dust a random red illusion

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Currently i'm at like 30+50 on saltzpyre and i just want a damn red skinned rapier. I've opened countless emperor's and general's vaults but i'm not any closer to getting a red skinned rapier than i was when i started playing. If some guy really salvaged 5 red items just to turn 1 other item red, it means he really wants it. Give him a break.

5) Make trinkets/charms/necklaces (duplicate red weapon drops) somehow unique

Red weapons at least have skins, these have absolutely nothing. After getting your first 2-3 red trinkets/charms/necklaces everything else automatically becomes red dust fodder. Maybe give them some minuscule unique trait so i actually have a single reason to hoard and choose between them. Maybe also do this with red weapons so you dont feel like complete shit when you get a red you already got. Applying the weapon's illusion should also apply this unique trait.

6) Give us something to do apart from gathering equipment.

For some reason you decided to add a mostly useless lobby area that is extremely larger than it should. Maybe give us the ability to upgrade it with our thousands of useless dust we get. Maybe let us buy some stupid frames.

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