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Make Daily Quests Great Again

warhammer 5 - Make Daily Quests Great Again

I was thinking about daily quests and how to make them better and realized it's not that easy. I feel like most of them are boring, not challenges at all, completed by simply playing. Let's talk about what makes a good daily quest and what would you like to possibly see in the game; if it was discussed recently, I apologize.

I think a daily challenge should be something you can manage to complete in a few hours after coming home from work, or in one evening if you collect 3 days worth of quests. It shouldn't be too difficult (skittergate on legend), or too grindy (kill 20 sack rats), otherwise it's just frustrating and feels more like a chore than a quest.

It shouldn't be too restrictive either (play as a specific character), players may be leveling up/doing achievements for different characters and it doesn't mix well if more people in a party have the same quest. Quests should also be doable by the entire party, e.g. Slay X elites as a party, not Slay X elites yourself and compete with teammates.

On the other hand, if the quest is too easy, something that you'd commonly do anyway, it's not a challenge at all. It brings you no fun, no reason to do something differently. You don't look forward to coming home and collecting 15 tomes to get that chest #5847 with blue items that you immediately salvage.

In VT1 daily quests also served to motivate players not to grind one map over and over. This was mostly fixed by QP bonus, but… do you think adding map requirements to the quests would help? (e.g. kill 10 elites on Against the Grain). Since you lose the QP bonus of you play that map custom, this may be more annoying than beneficial.

What is the current state of the daily quests:

  • collect tomes and grimoires, kill specials/elites/monsters – you already do this anyway
  • play as character X – restrictive, annoying and not challenging at all
  • play QP – the loot bonus itself should be motivation enough, this could be also seen as a motivation to play with other people
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It's not easy to come up with new quests, given the restrictions, but I have a few ideas and would love to hear more from you.

  • bomb kills
  • kill patrols
  • collect quest items/packages that force you to go off the most common route, to otherwise unused parts of the map, perhaps in randomized positions, perhaps tied to a specific map? something like lore pages in vt1 or gage courier drops in payday
  • small challenges like carry a barrel from start to exit, play a map without using ranged weapons, kill a certain special/elite/monster with a bomb – potentially frustrating?
  • weekly red – quest: one of the legend-map-specific challenges, or a similarly difficulty one, reward: a specific red item (you know what you work for, always a weapon), or a chest that drops a single random red item (could be opened to get character-specific items, but it's still random and could be a trinket). It would be tough, an end-game weekly for those who find other dailies boring, also a strong reason to check back regularly and see if the red item is something you miss. We get 7 emp chests and 3 cosmetics weekly that you can get on any difficulty, what's one more red for legend players? It could unlock after you get your legend banner, to avoid getting reds too fast
  • modifiers – optional quests that improve the reward (e,g. Kill 15 specials, optional: kill 3 with a grenade). Adds a way to complete the quest normally, but also adds a small challenge if you want to. Optional quest would be possible to complete even after you finish the main quest, untill you cash it in.
  • a way to modify the reward – starting players prefer quantity, the more chests you open the faster your power level goes up, while end-game players prefer quality – one high tier chest is worth much more than 100 low tier crap. Add a way to modify what reward I want, e.g. 2 commendation chests instead of one emperor, or complete difficult side-objective and improve it to a vault?
  • increased reward for completing a quest on legend – makes the quests feel more meaningful to legend players, but might push others into playing above their comfort level and cause frustration again – like the Sunday cataclysm quests
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Questions: How do you feel about current dailies? What difficulty do you play and how many games do you play on average during the week? Do you know a daily quest system from other games that is fun and interesting and could be adapted for Vermintide?

I think most legend/champ players have no problem with finishing QPs, collecting tomes and grimoires or slaying monsters, so the quests boil down to simply playing for them, but I'm interested in how new players see this. Are some of the quests difficult for you? Can you imagine having more difficult challenges?

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