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Make killfeed icons more distinctive / different sizes for different type

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I'm not racist but…

I'm a raging speciest. All rats look alike to me, so the killfeed icons with portraits of ratfaces with slightly different headgear tell me nothing. Did someone kill a Stormvermin or was that a Warpfire Thrower? Sackrat or a Packmaster?

I suggest the icons could be more stylized or representative of the enemy killed, for example maybe use a biohazard sign for Globadier, green fire for Warpfire Thrower, twin axes for a Savage et cetera. Maybe have the icon frame/border or background also reflect if the enemy was skaven or chaos aligned (using the skaven triangle and chaos undivided logos)

Different sized icons for different types (elite/special/lord) would also make it easier to dismiss at a glance when someone blasts an innocent ambient elite versus when someone finally manages to take out a special that's been tormenting the party. A large boss icon appearing would be cool but you tend to notice it when the monster finally stops rampaging.


Maybe make it a toggle in options called "Icons for id*ots"

<- here's a pic of few elites and specials I managed to screenshot last game, notice how the Stormvermin/Packmaster/Warpfire Thrower icons are similar at a glance.


*Make icons more representative of enemies (hook for hookrat instead of a ratface in a hood)

*Make icons small/medium/large for elites/specials/monster types

*Make icon frame reflect if the enemy was a skaven or chaos type

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