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Making Taal’s Keep Great Again – A list of suggestions for more visual progress

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We all loved the Red Moon Inn in the previous game. It was small, but cozy… and filled with fond memories of past adventures that we personally unlocked. The banners, the seals on the Last Stand coat of arms, the grail behind Lohner we fetched from Drachenfels… these were neat little touches that both allowed other players to see and gauge our progress as well as motivate us to do just a tiny bit better to fill up every last spot and enjoy the look of the glorious Cataclysm banners. Which brings me to Vermintide 2's Keep. It's gorgeous – no doubt about that – but also very spacious with a lot of room to fill. Only… there is nothing to fill the room with. Many players have expressed that this is somewhat of a disappointment for them and I can understand that. However, Fatshark also mentioned in their last livestream that they don't want to clutter the Keep too much as it directly impacts loading times. With this in mind, I tried to come up with a few ideas that would showcase our progress in the Keep while trying to keep in line with the dev's concerns. I hope you enjoy this small read and maybe shime in with a few ideas on your own.

1. The Return of Banners

Banners were great in V1, they showed how much progress you made and looked badass. However, we now have 15 careers in V2 and there are a lot of people that probably focus on only one or two chars. How can we show both general and specific progress? The answer actually lies in Okri's Challenges. As you might have noticed, <
every career has a distinct 'class' symbol which gets a bit more fancy for every difficulty you completed all main levels with
. Why not use these symbols and have a banner for each career in the main room of the Keep that automatically unlocks and gets upgraded? It would be pretty cool to enter the Keep of a veteran player and see all 15 Legend banners greeting you.

2. We should actually stop being homeless

One of the first things many players noticed was that reaching level 10 with each character unlocks their living quarters and they move their belongings – thereby cleaning up the main hall a bit (example of Kruber moving out here: Before & After ). However, we still start at the front door of the keep every single time. This wasn't the case in Vermintide 1 and I think it shouldn't be the case in V2 either. Granted, I can see the valid complaints some of you will bring up about some quarters being further away, making it more of a pain to actually get to the Gate of Shadows. But why can't this be an optional setting for players? Sure, it would barely change anything, but it would make me feel like I actually stopped being a homeless bum living in an empty room of a ruined Keep and finally settled somewhat. Also, the space the Ubersreik 5 leave open by moving to their quarters could be filled with something… maybe some cool new stuff after reaching level 30?

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3. Souvenirs from our adventures and foes


As alluded to in the introduction, completing certain missions would change the Inn somewhat. The grail from Drachenfels is only one example, others include sacks of grain suddenly being in the Inn after W&C etc. I don't know if some of that is already in the game (outside of more pathways being unlocked) since the Keep is vast and many corners remain unchecked, but if it is is and nobody notices it should be changed. I would love to see some more visual changes like adding parts of the broken bell to a corner of the Keep after completing Screaming Bell or a bunch of cannonballs after completing Brachsenbrücke. Additionally, this could also be tied to an expansion of Okri's challenges: Have us kill a fixed amount of Gutter Runners to add a broken GR skull as a wall decoration somewhere. Same for the Hooks of Packmaster, the gear of SV's and CW's, etc. These are just small things people could do by the side but they would add up over time and make the Keep look so much more awesome in the end. Another idea floating in my head for some time now would be some sort of library: With every milestone of tomes and grims you collected you could unlock a new shelf (let's say 200 grims for one or so), showing off how many full book runs you had. And if a lorebook is re-added to V2, it might house said lorebook too – maybe even tie some lorepage unlocks to it.

4. Portrait frames and pictures

They should be in the game, they were in the beta, they aren't here anymore. Nothing much to say about it, I expect them to be reintroduced sooner than later since it was an advertised feature iirc.

5. Statues and ressource sinks

Holy Sigmar bless this marvelous statue! The statue many of us got with the CE looks pretty cool, can't deny that. However, why aren't there more of them? They seem like the ideal type of Keep decoration to me since they – if they follow the way of the CE – display both what the statue symbolizes and why you got it. However, it seems like there will be more on its way, so that's good. Thinking a bit further though, I realized that many players who already clocked in several hundred hours have a lot of crafting materials saved up. Hundreds of unused jewelry kits we will never use because we already have a dozen trinkets, necklaces and charms, thousands of scraps, etc…. so why not introduce a few bigger visual changes like statues as a ressource sink? This is probably the boldest suggestion here, but I feel like it would be a welcome addition for some people who simply don't know what to do with all their mats. Let's pay 1000 scrap or 500 jewelry kits to unlock a gaudy statue in one of the yards for no other purpose than to show how awesome we are 😉

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6. Let us show off our weapons and cosmetics

Every red weapon we get should be added to the armory so people can see how many different reds we collected already. Maybe have additional slots for cool illusions and make room for a real armor showcase so we can display all the cool black armors and hats we collected. This would probably increase loading times by quite a bit for some, but I feel it would give many players a reason to actually visit the armory. Thanks u/j1ffster for the suggestion!

7. Our legacy should be preserved

You already get your old V1 skins if you own the previous game, which is cool. However, I would love to see some extra visuals tied to progress in the first game. Maybe have a small storage room where all the old banners and coat of arms from the RMI are kept?

And this concludes my small list of suggestions for more visual progress. If you have more suggestions or feedback feel free to post it. Maybe someone will get inspired to mod some of this stuff because I'd love to see how this would work out in reality. And yes, I realize this game has other problems that should be addressed first – but it can't hurt to collect a few interesting ideas anyway. Thanks for reading regardless!

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