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Massive FPS drops since 1.5 -> Found a fix for me, potentially for others

warhammer 9 - Massive FPS drops since 1.5 -> Found a fix for me, potentially for others

See bottom of post for tl;dr

If anyone has been experiencing some significant FPS drops since about when 1.5 dropped for seemingly no reason (talking massive frame drops, I was going from 130+ down to 20-30 FPS): Briefly do a test with Windows Defender disabled. Disabling that while playing resolved it completely for me. For reference, my PC is an 8700k for the CPU, 1060gb GPU, and 16GB of RAM. I'd been trying to get this sorted for a bit, and especially the past couple of days and today. With a lot of help, it was finally sorted out today.

Obviously, having Windows Defender disabled is no bueno, so once you've tested to see if that's the problem, you can exclude V2 from WD, which worked for me (I excluded both the V2 launcher and the whole folder, though just doing the folder would do that trick). Having done that, had to struggle to go below 50 FPS, and I crashed the game before dropping sub-20 FPS.

To add an exclusion (you can also disable from the same area, just before you go to "exclusions):

Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection (no longer in the side tabs) > Virus & Threat protection settings (click on "manage settings") > scroll down to "Exclusions" & click "Add or remove exclusions"

Folder should be

C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonWarhammer Vermintide 2 

Unless you've moved it elsewhere. If you're unsure, go to your Steam Library -> right click V2 -> Properties -> Local Files -> click on "Browse Local Files".

Album containing all my graphs of CPU temps/FPS graphs, including my post-fix stress-tests and 3 pictures in-game of my stress-test.

My stress-test included spawning in 40+ gasrats, 40+ stormers, and as many monks. Then once the monks died, I spawned in about 30 Chaos Spawns and Trolls, and a bunch of CWs, since they could walk in the storms. After that, I returned to the keep, turned on Onslaught, cranked ambient and specials (just hookrats, since the others could hit me while flying, or would kill other mobs) spawns to max, made sure nothing cared about intensity, and then went about the level. To give you an idea of how dense everything was… there wasn't any space left anywhere. At all.

tl;dr Windows Defender wasn't playing nice with V2, resulting in over 100 FPS drops. Made an exception in WD for V2: Frames were had.

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