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Min Worker Threads for Game???

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This needs to be addressed, the CPU difference of difficulty.

I bring this up because i want to know what Fat Shark intended the games CPU worker threads to be set at? Do they intend the game to be played at 2 worker threads or 5+??? This needs to be noted, so we know what the games intended difficulty should feel like.

Having an I5 (max of 2 worker threads) or an I7 (5+ worker threads) will make a huge impact on the difficulty of the games we play.

I will stare that out of my over 500 hours of play, i would say i hosted more then half of those hours for my friends and man do i regret it. This is important because i have an I5 and set to max of 2 worker threads. Not knowing how much an impact this makes on the games (knew it had an impact, but how much has surprised me). We have all herd of its impact but i can tell you first hand that it is night and day difference for density of enemies. I now don't even want to host and am actively having my buddies with eight cores or and I7 host, so i can get better.


We need FS to just come out and say "hey our intended difficulty is X worker threads". This would make it so we can set it to the intended amount or they can just lock it, don't know why we have the ability to effect this.

I know when or if we ever get dedicated server this should fix the problem but at least state where the games should be set at.

P.S. I at the point if i play on an I5 its a bit boring and we cruse through Legend with little difficulty, however when we play with 5+ worker threads its finally a challenge again and we have a chance of failing.

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