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Mini-Bosses are too easy now

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I can't be the only person to notice, but I can't otherwise really explain why so few people have been really talking about it – unless, of course, it's a non-issue for the major community.


One of the main features of the game – bosses – have been so wimpy as of latest patch they are hardly anything more than mildly annoying speedbumps. Sure, they never were much of a threat to a team by themselves, even without the concentration potion cheese from the likes of Shade or Pyro – it was always the horde and specials that inevitably came with them that caused real problems. Currently, however, it's common to just bash the life out of them before you can hear the first note of a horde horn. And you don't even need dedicated boss-killers for that – with them on a team, big guys could simply not exist at all, and it would make for a minimal difference in the flow of the level (though it's debatable if it wasn't also the case before).

  And should I even talk about trolls? By Grimnir, those fellas are getting folded like a lawn chair left and right – even Rat Ogres are scarier than them, and with a current state of affairs, it's quite telling.


  Thing is, what even was the point of nerfing troll regeneration? So you can solo it in 8 minutes instead of 15? I don't really get vs. monster multiplier on melee weapons too – this won't change much of anything regarding "ranged meta", nor really help in a clutch situation, and the only effect I'm seeing currently are teams just swarming the bosses like ants regardless of a career setup and finishing them off in mere second. I've seen bots succeed at it.


If it isn't obvious by now, I'm not really a fan of recent changes regarding bosses. I don't think they needed a nerf, as they were never a problem by themselves even for a two-player team. The only problem with the current implementation of boss encounters I can think of is when player count shrinks to one – they are of extremely anti-clutch nature, still. Unless you got something like double daggers or can spam hagbane, it takes longer to even make a dent in the bloody things than its worth it – simply restarting the match is usually much more productive way of doing things. Recent buff to other melee weapons doesn't really seem to change any of that, but it scales over the roof with rising player count. And it's not like the recent patch was even remotely pro-clutch anyway – I think everyone realized it after the whole "boss wall" finally went live.

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That's just my little rant. So what do you think about this situation?

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