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Mistakes I Still Make When Playing Vermintide 2

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I have a level 30 Kerillian and main the Waywatcher class. I can comfortably clear a full tome and grim run on Champion and was considering writing a Waywatcher guide. However I realised that all my tips and tricks have probably already been posted on this Reddit and wouldn't be that useful, So I have decided to take a different approach and compile a list of the mistakes that I still make.

  • Panic pressing F when a Special spawns close range. Trueflight is pretty inconsistent at close ranges and another player has usually taken care of it before my Trueflight even hits. I should be saving Trueflight for those hard to reach distant targets like Blightstormers.

  • Panic shoving when surrounded. This is probably the mistake I make that I most want to address. When surrounded I hold block, panic and then rapidly left click using up all my stamina shields in less than 4 seconds. I need to learn to hold the click and take advantage of the space I create with each single shove.

  • Defending against Berserkers and Plague Monks. These guys are my nemesis. If I'm going to go down to anything, it will be one of these guys. I need to learn to dodge them more rather than relying on block (they shred my block in about 2 seconds)

  • Still holding a Strength, Speed or Concentration potion at the end of a run. I need to learn to use these more often. I have a bad habit of holding onto these for a 'Just in case' moment that never happens.

That's the main mistakes I make during a mission. What mistakes do you still make?

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