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Mixed feelings about the new DLC

warhammer 5 - Mixed feelings about the new DLC

I am a big fan of the game since Vermintide 1, but I'm having mixed feelings about the new DLC. Also I am usually shy to post my opinions on reddit, because they're rather unpopular for some reason. In this case, however, I would like to share my opinion and perhaps raise a few issues of the new DLC.

In many places the ported maps look empty due to removed assets that weren't replaced with the new ones. This is especially noticeable on The Horn of Magnus, which is, ironically, the first map that players see. For example, the half-empty rooms in the tavern before the grim candle puzzle carried over from V1.

The fact they copy-pasted all Olesya's phrases across all the new maps is unsettling (her phrases are repeated and aren't even map specific), and besides that, simply hearing her over and over again is extremely irritating (to me). She also mocks players for trying to check the places that previously contained tomesgrims, why? Calling players "imbeciles" for checking the chest on the cliff on Engines of War is kinda overkill, don't you think.


I don't understand why they had to bring Chaos into V1 maps, making a lot of excuses just to have them there (e.g. Olesya's words that she must've messed up the illusion if the Chaos is there). This stacks up with another weird excuse that the heroes will not be able to remember visiting the illusion. Maybe it's just me, but these excuses left me somewhat annoyed. I understand they had to fit it into canon somehow, though. But why could not they only fill the Ubersreik with only the Ratmen, with maybe introducing a new special enemy unique to that DLC? IMO, it would have made the DLC much better.

Other than that, the DLC is certainly a step up from Bogenhafen, at least we got some new weapons to play with.

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