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More uses for the Special Key

warhammer 2 - More uses for the Special Key

Let's admit it: the Rapier pistol is awesome. It feels satisfying, very practical, and gives the weapon a higher skill cap. Same with the Bill hook. I wish more weapons had this sort of feature, moreso for underused/underpowered weapons so that they get some love.

Some suggestions I have are:

A Pommel Strike for the Greatsword/Executioner sword. It'd be a single target move with modest stagger and damage, with the "Shield-Breaking" modifier. You'd be able to smack those shields right off the dirty vermin before chopping their heads in half.

A Similar move could be used for the Spears/Halberd. You'd slap enemies with the other end of your rod like a Bo-Staff.

A KICK, Right in the DONGLIZ for the Axes. Let's face it, Axes are a meme. You'd maybe use them on IB with a flamethrower but never for Elf or Victor because they have weapons that are WORLDS better. The Kick'd be single target and VERY HIGH stagger. You'd be able to knock everything(CWs included) to the ground with it. It'd differentiate the axe from the other Anti-Armor weapons because while you can't kill as much, you can stagger them for your team. There could be a cooldown timer on it, or it could simply cost 2 points of stamina so you can't just spam kicks into patrol. The Mace/Hammer could have a similar move, except a PUNCH. While not as bad as the axe the hammers are still way underused(over 500+ hours of cataclysm, I've only seen them 2-3 times) so why the hell not.


Add Arrows/Remove Arrows for the Swiftbow. You press the special key to add arrows up to 3 on your bow at a time, and after that it goes back to 1. I imagine a good way to balance it would be to give it more damage dropoff per distance if you have more arrows, along with less accuracy. It'd give the Swiftbow a shotgun-like use, differentiating it from any other elf weapon. Right now Swiftbow is sort of a meme(very viable on Waystalker but pretty irrelevant for other careers) so this would give it the love it deserves.

Some kind of Explosion move for the crowbill. Light 4 does a little stab that lights enemies on fire, indicating the crowbill's use as a magical medium. If you press the special key, you'd stick the sharp end into an enemy and infuse FIRE into it until they EXPLODE. The damage and stagger would be exactly the same as the flaming flail, and use a point of stamina for balance.

A Flame Wave for Sienna's Staves. Sienna would shoot a small burst of flames from her offhand that'd be exactly the same as a push from your melee and light enemies on fire. I always loved the concept of sienna using some offhand magic(like the fire sword's charged attack) and thought this would be a nice addition that doesn't interfere too much with balance.

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