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Moving Beyond “Kills Grant Temporary Health”

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TL;DR: If you're tired of always speccing bloodlust, try one of these builds.

"Kills grant temporary health", or, "Bloodlust" in VT1, is really good. When in doubt, it should be your level 20 talent. I was afraid maybe it was a zeroith order strategy, the best move regardless of your skill level. So I've been experimenting with alternate ways to manage health. Here's what I've found.

Ults that grant health, coupled with cooldown reductions and a permanent health on boss kill is working for me. They don't (generally) give as much health, but they comes with secondary benefits.

For Kruber, being able to use Mercenary's Morale Boost as frequently as possible is more than just some temporary health on demand. It's great for flattening a horde, disabling a resistant baddie, and keeping your buddies safe.

  • While all of the level 25 talents are strong, I'm finding cool-down reduction the most consistently useful. It saves a full minute of waiting. Another 18 seconds if you get it on your trinket, too. Rezing your buddies can save games, but so can giving them a bunch of health before they hit the dirt. Pay attention, and save yer mates.
  • Battle Scars and Shallya's Boon collectively increase healing by 60%. This means you're going to pretty much full health every time you boost morale. Or use meds, or kill a boss, because…
  • The Harder They Fall is what you're using instead of Bloodlust. Oddly, this is more useful the higher the difficulty you're on. Meds are less common, so wounds are more dangerous, and bosses are more common, so you're healing more. Works on every kind of boss, not just the random ones. Haven't tried Skittergate yet, don't know if you get two heals out of Rasknitt and Deathrattler.
  • Maxing out +Crit-Chance synergies extremely well with Resourceful Combatant, and your strategy in general.
  • A charm with Concoction is your ace in the hole. Sorry, you're not a Grim carrier. Your duty is to get actual, practical use out of all those speed potions nobody wants. What where once wasted resources are now 1/2 of a morale boost.
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And that's about it. Use whatever weapons you like most. Use your other talents however you please. But most of all, use that super sweet ult. All the time.


For Bardin, we're gunna focus on the Ranger's Master Brewer trait.

  • Basically, all the same concepts we used for Kruber apply here.
  • Except Bardin doesn't get temp health from his ult, by default. But he does have a 30% shorter cooldown than Kruber-Merc. So use Catch a Breath.
  • But what Bardin DOES have is a damn near infinite supply of potions from Master Brewer. Coupled with Concoction, this means 1 in 3 specials are a big chunk of free temp health. Make sure your team has the potions they need (e.g.: purples on everyone), but after that, well, pound back every bottle you can find.

There are some problems with Bardin. First off, he sucks to play off host. Invis is buggy, and suffers from desynch pretty badly. Second of all, Ranger's a kinda weak class. I didn't get a chance to try Legend runs with the build, but, I suspect they'll be a bit rough, especially off-host.

For all the other classes, I haven't had a chance to play with this paradigm. I will, soon enough, and I will report back when I do.

Closing thoughts:

  • Seriously, does boss-heal proc twice on Rasknitt and Deathrattle!?
  • How do these builds feel when piloted by super talented players? My guess: interesting, but not tier one.
  • Is there any merit to running a 4-man with elf-heal share and a bunch of +60% healing teammates? Go test this, let me know what you think of it.
  • These builds felt super… different. Ult felt way more interesting. Instead of holding it until the right crisis showed up, I could use it to smooth most difficulty spikes.
  • Ranger feels awesome with Master Brewer kludged back into the old you get a freakin' meds trait. Fatshark: Please consider adding green potions to the Master Brewer random pool. And making Grungi's Cunning drop ammo on Elite kills. And giving me a red-raker.
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