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My argumentation around natural bond

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My argumentation around natural bond

My credentials – 5 maps away from all careers all maps with PUGs only on Legend. 70+ reds overall.

In my view – The conditions around whether to use natural bond or not are much simpler than what is described in most threads. Here is an equation, if there are more med kits on a level than there are wounds to be cleared by natural bond users then the natural bond user has benefited the team. Alternatively under that condition it is also possible that the team did not need any benefit.

Boon – Most of the arguments against Natural bond seem to come from players that have become good enough that they generally can operate on temp health and therefore Boon seems to be a good choice to them (and it is quite good under certain circumstances). I would argue that the natural bond users are also gaining temp health as well, and as one myself I can tell you that I kill quite a lot and therefore I also get quite a bit of temp health. Would it surprise you that I often kill 30% more than anyone else on my team? Therefore, my play grants me a free boons worth of temp health most of the time. Most natural bond users are quite confident in their play.

Furthermore, if I am playing with a group of players that consistently kills more than I do. Wow! That is all I have to stay, it’s like playing champion again.

Duplication – Another common argument against natural bond is that they “would rather have more free healing items”. If you team has a player that duplicates healing, then the player with that dupe necklace can use the healing and get the chance to duplicate. The natural bond user does not take this away. Furthermore the natural bond user can carry potions and hand them to that person.

Total Healing Gained? – Other arguments are around the effective total healing that is gained. These arguments are technical and also pointless. You must go back to the wound clearing statement that I made above, if the total wounds to be cleared by natural bond users (in total) is less than the number of med kits, then the natural bond user has benefited the team by gaining free healing at any time they were damaged, and not using other healing items.

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Med Kit Use with NB – Along these lines, my most common use of a med kit while wounded, with natural bond on, is to use the kit to heal a team mate that is low. In this case, I have gained an uncommonly used benefit of the med kit. I have cleared 1 or 2 wounds, and I have healed my mate while I have also put myself in a position to gain permanent health to get to a stable state. This is enormously powerful. The number of times I have done this, and then finished the map with no other healing (but nearly full green health) is significant.

In my view, the most powerful application of natural bond is when in a game with players that commonly need to use healing. In this case, the natural bond user can not use the healing and when in need of wound clearance, uses med kits on their team.

Communication – There is another reason that so many people complain about natural bond. Optimal play requires communication, but it isn’t only from the natural bond user. It is from the whole team. The natural bond users should indicate their intention to use NB early (in the keep if possible). A team of natural bond users could present a problem because of the equation above, there could be many wounds to clear. This can work out if med kits are used to clear two wounds at once, but that requires even more coordination. The duplicators should also announce themselves to gain the most benefit from their necklaces.

These things often do not happen, and therefore the Kerillian main that goes down and then announces “NB” when the next healing pot is found becomes the enemy. Furthermore, helping team mates (while critical to success) is not as fun as slayering your way through a level and never looking back. Why should you have to heal the elf with the med kit? Right?

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Surely, the greatest problem with natural bond is that your team is forced to assist you by picking up a med kit and using it on you. When I discovered that I could clear my wounds by healing others with a medkit. This became my standard practice, and then I did not have to hear complaints nearly as often because I was helping my team instead of asking them to help me.

Funny how that worked out.


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