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My Bardin set-ups

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Hopefully this helps anyone playing Bardin. Currently making this for anyone not sure on solid weapon set ups for all classes of bardin. I'm not some highly advanced god tier Bardin but i'm level 30+41 so i've got respectable play time but i'm sure there are much better ones out there.

Ranger Veteran (Only viable way to play him imo) –

2H Hammer – 5% Crit/5% att speed w/ Crit chance increasing att speed trait
Grudge Raker – 5% Crit any slot % here w/ Crit chance returning ammo

Taking the trait that will not use grenade on 25% chance, using the talent that gives a bomb from specials with a 1/4 chance. Best used with a full team of the aforementioned trait. Whole premise is you have a sht ton of bombs, and your grudge raker will shred hordes and give you ammo back from crit. Hammer for single target obviously.

Ironbreaker Set-up 1 (with a good team):

War-Pick – 5% att speed 30% block cost reduction w/ perfect blocks don't consume stamina trait

Crossbow – 10% infantry 10% chaos w/ any trait they all kinda suck

Reason being, war pick is a beautiful cleave weapon and the power attack can one shot black rats. The crossbow takes out specials.

Ironbreaker Set-up 2 (with a bad team and u gotta do work):

Shield + Axe – Block Cost Reduction/Push Block Angle w/ perfect blocks don't consume stamina trait


Dual Pistols – 5% att speed 10% chaos w/ 20% less overheat

(take the drakefire overheat talent with the dual pistols)

Reason being, if your team is terrible, you're going to be blocking and shoving armored rats + hordes, well timed blocks save your stamina from chaos warrior/black rats/maulers big hits from wiping out your stamina and the axe can kill armored units. The dual pistols are your try hard horde clearing, each shot takes out 2-3 normal rats/chaos and also is decent for quick leech/blightstormer kills. If your teammates suck get them out of the way so you can unload on waves. Tip for pistols: when you have temp hp in between waves press R to reload it will reduce the overheat and not actually hurt you.

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Dual Axes – 5% att speed 5% crit w/ trait that a crit will increase attack speed

War-Pick – 5% att speed 30% block cost reduction w/ perfect blocks don't consume stamina trait

Take 5% Crit talent

This is my favorite set-up thus far, occasionally switch out war-pick for 2H hammer. Dual Axes for bosses/heavy armor(use the power attacks for armored). Pop an attack speed potion, hit a crit, and ult on Bardin on the bosses to draw aggro immediately.

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