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My Beta 1.0.5 feedback- Mostly good, but a lot of stuff needs more tunning first.

chivalry banner cu2p1 1024x576 - My Beta 1.0.5 feedback- Mostly good, but a lot of stuff needs more tunning first.

So after playing beta for some time, I got a hang of it and I want to post my feedback to Fatshark about how I feel about it. I played more than 500h in V1 and about 180h now in V2, been running Legend since almost release so I definitelly feel a difference.

I will start with good things that I think this patch brings:

  1. A lot of good fixes like Phantom Swings fix, Marauder mass nerf, being able to reroll equiped items (thanks Sigmar!!). QOL changes that are really important.

  2. Power talents are working now. Good change. Some other talents are now more viable. WH captain may actually see some usage.

  3. Gear is more important on your main chars- "Power vs" is very important (or SHOULD BE lets say) now however it does not as much good as in 1.0.4 and I will explain why later. Also you now have to really think about your gear instead of just putting "+5% crit chance everywhere". Many more properties are more viable now.

  4. Expands weapons roles- you know which weapons are now more burst, more anti-armor, more control, move cleave, more all-around. It gives a feeling that "I need that weapon for X/Y". But sadly (again)- some changes for some weapons are just too much- more below.

  5. Makes Legendary much more challanging which in some way is good thing, requires more team-play and much more careful approach. Rushers will die here very very fast. You can feel that people are a lot more focused now.

  6. Range damage and cleave reduction- very good changes here, though not enough in my opinion. Also a little less damage overall makes some enemies more of a challange like SVs where you need that dedicated anti-armor guy to help with them.

  7. Gives more room for some careers like: Shade, Slayer, Foot Knight, Merc (with his fixed power talents).

  8. On Huge damage weapons (that suppose to do a lot of damage)- damage nerf is not so noticable so it's not bad. However it messes with breakpoints at the same time but that below.

Now the bad things about patch 1.0.5

  1. It breaks a lot of weapons from being weak to being straight useless- 1h sword, 1h axe, dual swords etc. Their cleave and stagger are pretty much NONE on Legend. They need buffs, really.

  2. I can live with damage reduction. But cleave and stagger nerf is just unnecessary in my opinion. Never felt some weapons cleaved too much, maybe only that some weapons cleaved "as much" as dedicated cleave weapons. However right now some weapons have almost zero cleave and even 2h hammer does not control mass as it should. And it should becasue you still haven't fix no collision in hordes. Also I don't belive some enemies should be immune to stagger- like berserkers right now. If a player score a clean headshot with high damage weapon- he should be rewarded by it with nice stagger on enemy. 1.0.5 creates a "waiting game" when facing zerkers which not really entertaining at all, nor it's challanging- you just block them and let you teammate kill them… meh…. I prefer some combat dance.

  3. I think that this patch showed a great flaw in Power system (current one)- I think Stagger and Cleave should not be tied to Power level but instead it should be a flat value (max mass penetration and stagger power) for each weapon so it feels consistent through all difficulties.

  4. It makes some previously good talets useless, like Crunch on Slayer which does not stagger CWs anymore on Legend, making it useless as it was its main thing. You need to buff such talents first on 1.0.5

  5. 1.0.5 introduced a very very wierd and unachievable breakpoints (TTK or Hits to Kill on enemies). On 1.0.4 they were quite close and with right +10% Power vs here, +20% there you could achieve a lot of them. Now even with +20% to some you can't achieve any breakpoints at all which is just bad as 1.0.5 should make those "Power vs" rolls important but at the same time makes them a waste of dust as breakpoints have too big gaps to cover. This needs tweaks to be as achievable as in 1.0.4 (for example SVs, Marauder and CWs breakpoints).

  6. It does not solve range meta problem really It nerfs it but at the same time nerfs melee too. The biggest problems are imo: low overheat cost and ammo regen things.

  7. Beam Staff and Pyro- still OP, still not fun to run with Beam Staff on your team. This patch won't make Unchained or BW any more viable as pyro is just better version of them.

  8. BH and Pyro are still dominant. Repeater Pistol is still broken. Either nerf them or buff underused careers like Shade, ranger, Slayer, handmaiden, Unchained, Huntsman etc.

What I wish patch address before release:

  1. Green dust fix- we are all on Legend out of it- just combine blue and green dust in one.

  2. Collision fix on hordes- especially with cleave reduction it's needed.

  3. Fix stupid spawns that occure 5m from player and make them like in V1.

Overall I think damage nerf itself in this patch wouldn't be that bad because it makes Legend overall beter experience. if:

a) it'd introduced a breakpoints that makes that Power vs important now

b) Buff what patch breaks: weapons and talents that are now very underpowered

c) Fix lack of Cleave and Stagger on many weapons and lack of stagger on Zerkers on Legend.

I think that overall the beta patch is ok, but it needs tunning before going to live in my opinion. Also I think that Power should not be tied to Stagger and Cleave- this patch shows how bad that design is. It should only affect damage values.

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