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my beta impressions

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Hi guys and gals,

so after playing the Beta the last few days I'd like to do a quick summary of things that should, IMO, be looked at.

First and foremost you should know where I'm coming from. I've played V1 for about 30 hours, so really a new player in the big picture. As such, my observations aren't going to go into the fine details and mechanics of the game, I'll leave that to high profile community members. Still the points that'll come up were readily apparent even without much experience in either of the two games.

Of course, most if not all things in this post are subject to change, as it is just a beta. I'll probably also update the post as more things come up. I'm also looking for a conversation of my points, so please refrain from telling me I'm playing the game wrong if you disagree with something. I've a lot to learn and am willing to listen to any input and opinions!

No Weapon Stats

This was a big one for me. Where are the weapon stats telling me how many enemies a weapon will hit? How much damage does it do relative to another weapon? After jsat's most recent video on some of the mechanics of the game (hero str, cleave) I see a point, but in my eyes the stats would give at least a general overview of any given weapon. Some weapons have wide swinging animations but still only hit 1 enemy. Things like that really irked me.

Bad explanations

Many things so far seem to be badly or not at all explained. So you get your first pendant with a number attached. What does that do? What's it for? What does concentration potion do? The little graph for a weapons block with the angle in blue, does that show where you push? Where you block? Is it just a representation of how many blocks you can do? Many systems in the game are unnecessarily cryptic. Yes, with more experience and playtime and the community one can find the answers to this, but as a new player, it was offputting.

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Everything takes soooo long

The game has many instances of wasting your time. The next two points also feed into that. So, you end a mission. Little animation to get to the ending screen. Going, point for point, through your experience points. Then, step by step, going through upgrading your lootbox. This was also much faster in the first game, because it was basically wrapped into one. Then you go to open the boxes, which also takes its sweet time. Opening several boxes can take ages, for often worthless loot.


The Keep

The keep, while nice, also has its drawbacks, wasting your time. The forge, the inventory, etc, are all rather far apart. In V1 it was all in one room. Now, before you say you can just press the shortcuts, that's what I do, but I've had several games where people would run around the whole keep organizing everything. Open their lootboxes in the middle, go to the items on the right, go to the forge on the left. Being ready was also a matter of a buttonpress in V1, now you have to go to the gate of shadows. While a nice addition for the "feel", combined with the aforementioned going back and forth in the keep it just adds to the time wasted until a game finally starts.

Also, why are Bardin's, Kruber's and Saltzy's bunks just a bed with their weapons, and Sienna and Kerillian get decorations? ;(

No changing other heroes' loadouts

(THIS NEEDS CONFIRMATION, I'M GOING OFF MY NOTES. IF IT'S WRONG, I'LL DELETE THIS SECTION) You also don't seem to be able to change loadouts of your other heroes without having to switch to them, wasting more time. Being as new as I am without a regular team to play with, I'll regularly play with bots. To change their loadout, you now have to switch to each of them where previously you just had to go to the inventory box. Which, btw, is also missing at the start of a mission, so any last minute changes you want to make? You're out of luck.

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That's it for now. I don't want to come across too negatively, I'm enjoying the beta a lot and there are many positive changes. But if I got into these too, this already huge post would be twice as long.

If my post feels a little rough and unstructured, that's because it is. I'll edit and format it a bit better when I have more time at home. If I made any blatant errors or am just wrong, please correct me. English also isn't my mother tongue, so if I said anything stupid, please say so!


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