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My bot setup, what do you think?

warhammer 4 - My bot setup, what do you think?

I designed a team concept around 4 characters playing under the same playstyle. I very rarely lose on legend with it. Chaos patrols pretty easy also, as long as they don't sneak up on us. We know that bots tend to group up tight, and also struggle against hordes. A successful strategy with bots aims around playing defensively and ensuring survival during hordes.

To do this, every character needs an all-around, front line build. A melee weapon that works decently well against hordes, armor, and elites. A ranged weapon with great breakpoints for special sniping. Everyone can create space, everyone can kill specials, everyone can kill chaos warriors, and we're all going to do it together. That's the name of the game.

The core of the strategy is based around Merc Kruber and WH Saltz. Kruber has the talent that shares his passive for attack speed, and he's using the executioner sword so the bot can spam light attacks and constantly pick up the buff for everyone who is closely grouped together. The biggest downside to the all around weapons are that they can typically be slow, that problem is being solved for everyone.

WH Saltz has the talent for reducing the cooldown of his career skill – he can enter every fight with it when managed properly, often using it 2 or 3 times in a big horde.

So you have crit chance and attack speed boost ready to get every fight off to a good start. I typically choose to play Saltz so I can manage the use of his career skill, and you control the highest damage output on your team, and you control the character who has least amount of tankiness to keep him safe. If you're finding yourself dying before the bots, then you should switch to one of the tankier characters.

Temp health is huge. Since we're heavy melee focus for horde killing, everyone is getting thp on cleave. They've all have the weapons for it. It's amazing looking at my bots' health mid fight and always seeing high thp. Then we have both Merc Kruber and Unchained providing thp with their career skills, the latter needing the talent for it.

Kruber/Saltz/Sienna all also have stagger on their career skill, which is very nice for regaining control in a fight. With all of them cycling through each other, you regularly have an escape card ready to go.

Bardin's value over the elf is that he doesn't die. I haven't found a way to make the elf bulky enough. She's dead to me. I'm using Ironbreaker for the passive, but his career skill often feels useless and poorly timed. I like playing IB when I control Bardin, but I might prefer a different class for the bot. We'll see, but it's not like it's needed for legend, it's still easy to beat with this team. But one day I'd like to beat cataclysm with bots.


Everyone uses a necklace with health, block cost reduction, and barkskin for survivability.

Make sure whoever you're using has proxy on their charm, definitely want to get the purple potion shared with Kruber and Unchained for the temp health and with Saltz for keeping the team damage levels high.

Make sure whoever you're using has shrapnel on their trinket for taking out monsters and patrols faster as total damage output of the team is a little low. Everyone has properties of crit chance to stack with Saltz and curse resistance. On cataclysm, trade curse resistance for stamina recovery.

For properties on everything else, I recommend using these guides since I'm trusting in his damage calculations. Just make sure to pick a build for a good all around weapon and a good special killing ranged weapon. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1833338040

I try to also make sure the melee weapons are good at spamming with light attack in hordes to make the bot more reliable, but I use the 2H hammer for Bardin and the Mace for Sienna with both using their heavy attack in hordes. They survive fine, so it's not a big deal. But I know I'm potentially unoptimized right now as I still wanted to create builds that I enjoy using.

A big benefit of this strategy is that it doesn't require good aiming skills with your ranged weapon since the bots do a great job of special killing. You're not exempt for contributing to it, but the emphasis is lowered.

As a general strategy, I try to focus on looking for opportunities to land a big hit on elites since the bots aren't always reliable at blocking. Getting overwhelmed by elites is the biggest risk to this team.

I rarely play as Kruber, he's just the bot that's the best at executing on their job so it's a clear downgrade if I'm controlling him.

And finally, just play a little slower. The more you rush, the more the team spreads out, and the more this strategy collapses.

What do you think? Any ideas on how to improve it?

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