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My experiences with Bögenhafen so far.

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I played both missions once, alone on Recruit, to look around. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Maps are big and complicated, more than I think any of the current ones. I don't remember feeling lost in any of 16 available maps, and yet those 2 made me run in circles more than once. Awesome 🙂
  2. I will check out tome and grim locations later (since somebody post a link with screens), but on my own I found only 3 tomes in total (2 for the Pit, 1 for Blightreaper) and 3 grims (1 for the Pit and 2 for Blightreaper). I liked all 6 locations so far. (Edited, I forgot I found another tome in the Pit).
  3. The game does run a bit more smoothly, although I think it heats my CPUa bit more (2-3 degrees of difference). Weird.
  4. All keybindings reset + some interface issues (everything is a bit close to the lower edge of my screen)
  5. Very important and I didn't hear anybody having that: My HP bar got completely broke, did not show either HP or Career skill Cooldown. The only thing it did show, was a purple bar when the Career skill was full. I did not restart the game to check if it will solve the problem yet.
  6. Some pathing issues. More than ever I noticed rats standing without attacking me, either for a while or at all, depending on the location. Wasn't a big deal, because it was never a case of being completely safe, just a % of rats were not able to come to me for some reason.
  7. 2h sword is cool.
  8. SPOILER: there is a torch stage, which was fu*king cool (I didn't play enough VT1 to see it there)
  9. Both finales were very different than what we had already and I liked it.
  10. For some reason I did not meet a single Monster.
  11. Unfortunately there is no Boss fight, but it's okay.


In general the maps are beautiful and well thought, but so big and filled with locations that I can imagine it will cause a lot of wondering/lost players and separating from the group might be an even bigger problem I guess 🙂 Very excited to play them when fully ready!

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