Warhammer: Vermintide

My few (but major) issues with the current enemies:

chivalry screenshot1 - My few (but major) issues with the current enemies:
  • The range on some melee enemies is flat-out broken, most notably the rotblood dual axe zerker and the Skaven plague monks. They "hit" you seemingly double the length of their models and animations.

  • Unrefined shield hitboxes. I like the shields on enemies, but it doesn't feel like I'm clearing them half the time I should, like there's some invisible larger model surrounding them. A charged rapier attack should hit a Stormvermin's head.
    I really love how heavier weapons can shatter the more piddly shields, but it's kind of annoying how you can rail into a guy's shield forever and he won't reposition it even if staggered. If anyone remembers the armored SWAT zombies from Left 4 Dead 2, they worked really well in that they couldn't be shot from the front but a melee bash would ALWAYS spin them around to their unarmored side. I'm not saying it has to be this easy, but consistency of hitting around/staggering a shielder should be raised.

  • I really like the specials for the most part and feel they work well (save some overly tanky health pools like the Packmaster or the Ratling's non-existent fire delay) except the Life Leech. If you see him close quarters, there's nothing you can do unless your weapons are way over-damaging. He'll give you the succ with no telegraphed warning, sound, or ability to dodge, and you're stuck there forever being hit by mobs around you, before he (and the blight stormer) teleports FAR away.
    I know this game is trying to encourage teamwork and I think that works better with enemies like the Warpfire throwers who don't hard stun. Teamwork is helpful and more effective but you can still take out a Warp solo if you're on point. Having control taken away from you is pretty annoying, so you should at least have the option to mitigate it if you're good instead of just some random dice roll "you don't have two teammates standing by the Leech, you're fu*ked." What would be cool is like a L4D Smoker where you have about a second and a half of being sucked in before you're immobilized to retaliate… or basic things like the ability to actually stagger him, a slower approaching non-instant attack, an attack sound, etc.

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