Warhammer: Vermintide

My first Legend run…

ttfvs8xl 1024x576 - My first Legend run...

So i joined a Champion run… instant wipe, i spawned to see a sea of rattos…

Ok, no problem it happens. Lets do another one. So i agree for nest quickplay. We go for it. Walking trough the city to ring a bell and play bait.

So, im trying to keep up (im a Foot Knight 220 item power) but the damned rats just dont die. And those fu*king Chaos Warriors just take everything i give. Wtf ? Was the patch sneakily released or something ? But nevermind that..we can do it… i got downed once but gulped a pot and went on.

Before the arena we are jumped by Stormvermin patrol, they just spawned on the other side of the streen. Wipe i think. In the middle of non-dying rats i charged from left to right than back the other way droping rattos on their asses (which didnt helped at all i think 😛 ) But the team pulled trough… the rest of the run was rather easy. Tho i quipped a lot of health pots im ashamed to say :<

On the last stand we took the wall near the statue, typical slice and dice. In the end the BH charged forward and died claiming to be bored.

The match ended – i pat myself on the back and watch xp go. Buuuut… theres too much, what happened ??? Then it hits home… completed Legend -_-

Than the Generals Vault drops….

I havent realized im in legendary, im a Bad Kruber, completly oblivious to what happens around him. Whoever you were guys, im so sorry for leeching on you…. :<

PS. It was a sad sad story of my first Legend run, written in shitty eng by yours truly Oblivious Kruber…

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