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My First True Solo Experiences

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I have never once cared about all the bugs in this game, because usually it didn't matter. Patrol spawns on top of us? Bad news, but usually able to be handled by four players. Now I understand the frustration. GOOD GOD IT'S HORRIBLE!


I started two nights ago, and my first night was fine. I played about five matches and learned a lot. All the failings were on my end. Last night, however, I had a boss materialize out of thin air my first run, a patrol spawn on top of me on my second run, and oh…the phantom swings ARE REAL! I'm playing HM Glaive, and I can't tell you how many SV or CWs I've missed on the down stroke, probably due to the new targeting system. Also, there are times when I'll headshot a gun rat, and like a Scooby Doo villain unzipping their costume, another gun rat was hidden inside. This happens with a lot of specials, and I can't imagine that's intentional, right?!



I have loved this game and its predecessor, but this stuff is excruciatingly unfair and discouraging for people wanting to attempt true solo. Fortunately for me, this anger just makes me want to beat the stupid game more, so I guess I'll punish myself again tonight! lol


tl;dr Please fix your wonderful game!


P.S. Any veterans got any solo tips for me? I learned last night: Don't cross that boss spawn line unless you're ready for it to spawn on top of you!


EDIT: Bonus story time. My last run (Screaming Bell) on night one, was in the market area and accidentally pulled the pat like an id*ot just as the horde sounded.


Turned into a speed run. Dash + GoL, standard stuff. I got all the way to the bell, died on the 9th support chain! I was almost there! Oh well, that's not how I want to win anyway.

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