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My Friends Might Be Quitting, and I Can’t Blame Them

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I love this game, and I can forgive many of its issues. Not everyone can, and last night, one of my friends asked me if we should look for another game. I asked him if he was just getting bored, and he answered that he was getting tired of the game's issues. Chaos warriors moon-walking, patrols blinking into existence, silent or BS specials, etc. — he's tired of getting his butt kicked for reasons which are, for the most part, outside his control.


This is my experience with my group of friends who played Vermintide 2. Two quit very quickly due to monotony. This repetitive style of game-play was not for them, ok. Three more got to the Champ/Legend tier and just decided that the effort to reward ratio just wasn't good enough. I don't play for rewards, but they do. The last two I play with, one is the aforementioned friend who is getting fed up. The other is enjoying the game, but he doesn't have the same passion I do, so I can't imagine he'll play much longer.



So of the eight of us:

two have left after barely playing

three have left after a solid experience of the game

three (myself included) want to master the game but one might fall away due to warranted frustrations, and one might quit from boredom.


So you have 1/8 dedicated population from my perspective. Maybe you don't care. Maybe this is the way you want your game to be: a game for people who only care about mastering their skill. If so, that's fine. I just wanted to give some insight.


Oh, and fix the bloody bugs. Love you, Fatshark!

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