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My hopes for the next BBB.

warhammer 10 - My hopes for the next BBB.

With Chaos Wastes around the corner and a new class shaking the meta i'm really hoping for a new BBB. These are what I consider the issues in the game right now, but i'd like to hear the community consensus on this.

Leftovers from previous BBB

There were a few unresolved issues last time around that the devs acknowledged. This includes the Huntsman perk trees, Ranger Veteran ammo drops being a bit clunky and Grail Knights overall power level.

In my opinion all of these require only minor tweaks, Huntsman is in a nice place power wise but is still unpopular, RV feels great but his mechanics lack polish and Grail Knight just needs a very slight tone-down.

Item trait/property revamp.

This is massively needed in my opinion. Item builds are dominated by a few choices, wheras other choices are useless. Similarly the 'power vs' system is awkard and relies on spreadsheets outside of the game to even know how they will affect the game.

the big outliers:

  • Heroic Intervention. I have never ever seen anybody use this, i dont think it can be saved. this trait slot needs the Barkskin treatment, give it a total overhaul.

  • Swift Slaying. this is the go-to trait for a majority of builds as attackspeed and crits are very dominant, I'm not sure if this needs tuning down, but we need other viable options that dont focus on criticals.

  • Off Ballance. This is a potentially powerful trait and its great on a few builds, but it lacks QoL. Give us some visual cue so allies know when enemies are affected by it, and let it stack with other damage boosting affects.

  • Inspirational shot. I love the concept, but i have never seen it have an impact in game. We cannot see ally stamina to know when its needed, and its hard to see it take affect on yourself to make the use of extra stamina, and in situations where a clutch stamina boost could save you, nobody is going to be landing those headshots.

  • Respawn Speed. This is a dead property and needs replacing, I have never ever seen it have an impact on a match.

  • Power vs Chaos/Skaven. I'm fine with boosting damage against certain enemy types such as infantry/zerkers, but splitting between factions has always frustrated me. Some maps only feature one faction, others will have you face only one faction in any given segment. This makes building weapons feel arbitrary and awkward. I'm not 100% on what the solution is, meybe replace both faction power boosts with new properties, but also allow "power vs armour type" to roll twice on an item so builds that need +20 against a particular target can still reach that.

  • all '25% chance to not consume' traits. Especially in higher difficulties where resources are scarce, you cannot rely on a random chance that you will only roll a couple of times in a match.

  • Weave crafting system for main game. please. The weave system is such a huge improvement to rolling the dice over and over till you get what you want.

Monster Ballance

There has been a gradual power creep as more and more characters are capable of being boss-killers, bosses fall in moments and are no longer an event in matches. This cannot be fixed with a simple HP boost, as teams should not be forced to run boss melters. I dont know the solution to this, I just think that bosses need a ballance pass to be brought up to scratch.

This includes Lords too; Into the Nest and Warcamp are pushovers these days and could do with an extra phase or a few tricks up their sleeves.

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