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My humble suggestion for new traits and reworking some existing traits.

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As you know most of melee weapon traits in game are either useless or bugged. I think adding some new weapon traits and changing some existing ones to the game would be a good addition to spice up the gameplay.Since I mostly play Saltzpyre and Bardin my examples will be from these characters.If this recieves positive feedback I will suggest new traits for ranged weapons too If this recieves positive feedback.

Armor Piercing: Critical hits increases armor pierce of melee weapon by %33 for 5.0 seconds .

Essentially this is how I would fix one of issues this game has. If your weapon can't pierce armor/headshot with ease you will be at a significant disadvantage in Legend. Chaos warriors will make your life hell. This trait would make weapons like two handed sword much more viable in Legend. This trait could also used with weapons that can deal with armor albeit inefficently such as falchion/rapier. It is multiplicative so it won't synergize with weapons like Two Handed Axe. Since this is in direct competition versus swift slaying , requires a crit proc and it does nothing versus unarmored targets armor pen value has to be strong . It would have synergy with weapons that has no/low armor piercing values and/or fast attacks. I think spear for elf and dagger for mage would also benefit from this trait.

Bloodletting: Hitting enemies applies bleed to them making said enemies take damage over time. %5 of your weapon damage per tick and ticks 4 times over 2/4 seconds. Additional attacks do not refresh the DoT If bleed is still in effect.

My idea here was that this bleed allows you to reach certain breakpoints albeit delayed.Intended to be used vs hordes and should synergize well with cleave/cc weapons/high damage weapons. It doesn't take crit and headshot damage into consideration. If your attack doesnt go through armor/block it won't apply the bleed affect. This will be an agressive damage trait for non crit builds. It willl open additional buildpaths.I am not sure about the numbers though might be too good/weak. Also multiple use of bloodletting won't stack upon each other and it will not stagger enemies.

Read:  PSA: "The Back to Ubersreik levels cannot be played for free through Quickplay or by joining a game in the lobby browser"

Off Balance: Blocking an attack staggers the attacker.

An attempt to buff shield/block. This will stagger enemies making blocking more valuable while offering additional control to frontliners.This won't stagger If your block gets broken but it also will allow you to get something similar to push without making yourself open. Also it may get used to counter a gutter runner by blocking since it should stagger the assasin allowing you to get up.Since chaos warriors/berserkers/maulers will deal break the block of user it shouldn't be too strong. Adds to viability of shield users / block builds and Witch Hunter Captain.

Heroic Intervention : Reviving allies and saving them from gutter runner / hookrat / leech gives a shield to you and your ally.

This would add a niche to trait and make it more viable. Could be utilized by tank/utility characters . Personally when I play Slayer I carry a 1 handed hammer for reviving .It would never be popular but decent enough that certain people would pick it. I think 50 hp shield is good enough.

Rhythmic Strikes : Hitting an enemy gives a %30 additional stamina regeneration boost for 2 seconds.Attacking while this boost is active doesn't refresh the buff.

A trait option for those who use push attacks/ blocks extensively when they melee. Before one of you says ''What about halberd? it would be broken with this trait!'' well it should be toned down. They toned down overpowered melee weapons like falchion and glaive. Executioners sword, halberd , dual axe users should find this trait attractive.

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