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My Humble Thoughts 300 Hours In

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So, just to preface this post. I have never played Vermintide 1 or really any previous Warhammer games and as such my interest in this game is solely focused upon the replayability, the draw, the mechanics which at first captivated me and fostered this game as being one of my favorite games. All my friends who once played it have left, yet this wont be another rant about why numbers of concurrent players are dropping.

This is solely my thoughts on what I believe are the main hangups that people face, in the hopes that this can be useful if its ever read by any person in the development cycle.

Issues concerning the mechanics

  1. The first glaring issue to do with the mechanics/structure of how the game works has actually been mentioned by Fatshark as a concern. This being dedicated servers and the bane of any run ending abruptly when the host leaves, be it disconnection or a rage quit.
  2. Boss Walls. Honestly these seem quite out of my comprehension as to their benefit. First of all the introduction of the easier bosses gaining them has negatively affected the speed running community. Yet I feel the damage has been far greater inflicted on normal runs in where a whole team bar one has been wiped and you are forced to confront a boss and horde by yourself with your back to a boss wall and no way to get any one up to better your odds. I feel removing these wouldn't negatively affect runs, as if you do feel one must be forced to confront a boss why not introduce a mechanic which forces the wall past any teammates waiting to be picked up.
  3. I feel that shield vermin are too easy alone but once they are singled out they just get bullied into submission, this is purely I feel due to no real tactic existing in which to approach them, that isn't just spamming them until their shield staggers and someone else can land a shot. One way to fix this would be to increase the stagger time after a heavy attack so one would be forced to combo a heavy with a light attack to deal damage.
  4. Players who have been kicked can rejoin. I won't add much more to this apart from its just a tad obvious isn't it?
  5. I have one idea, instead of waiting for a very rare deed to drop why don't you allow for the addition of modifiers to a game, such as those contained within the deeds, this would allow for the challenge that some legend players feel is lacking in the game.
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Issues concerning unlocks


Cosmetics have me coming back and back again after failed runs to try and secure a red of some sort. Yet I feel the system in place just adds frustration. One looks at the Vermintide 1 contracts board and questions why nothing like this has been in place, if Fatshark doesn't want to add something like this to maybe force us to keep playing to gain the red or to see original from the last iteration why not add a system to allow players to properly focus upon the items they want instead of just blindly stabbing at the dark which only answers back with duplicates and disappointment.

The second disappointment I feel has already been touched upon is the DLC boxes. Non-character specific and honestly just full of color changes feels like a slap in the face to those who have been waiting patiently for new content. I'm glad the change has been made to allow for more boxes to be gained yet this feels like yet another oversight which could have been caught so easily.

One thought would be to open the floor to a discussion with the community in which people with far greater knowledge of the lore could posit ideas on new skins for characters and weapons, something like this would be so great in reintroducing a community which feels neglected and almost lied to back into the development process.

I feel I have said all of the important stuff that I had to say. I'd like to end by saying I appreciate the work that Fatshark has done for this game, the bug fixes and such, yet I implore you as a company to lay your cards on the table to help us understand what is going on, we can help, provide ideas on what needs to be done and what direction the game needs to go to flourish. We can be a resource instead of what seems to be an angry mob snapping at your ankles for anything and everything.

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P.S. This is my first ever reddit post, please excuse my mistakes and errors and understand that these are just the ideas of one person trying to help his favorite game flourish and stay alive.

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