Warhammer: Vermintide

My journey to complete Fortunes of War with random PUGs from quickplay and discord

warhammer 2 - My journey to complete Fortunes of War with random PUGs from quickplay and discord


Since Ive got noone i know who plays Vermintide 2 i had to find people to do FoW with me. Posting daily on Blood Moon Inn and Squirrel Squad lfg discord channels gave me about 1 guy every time (with most actually messaging me like 1 hour later) but sometimes 0 and never 2 people. Considering it took me a while to get a semi stable team, the rest had to be filled with quickplay randoms.

I wasn't annoyed with people not knowing what FoW was but rather with people who wouldn't even put the effort to look at chat and answer. So many people just joined, walked into the portal and just left after a couple of minutes when their quickplay match wouldn't start immediately.

Several games were lost because of network issues or the bug where if someone died near the end of the wave he would never respawn again and he would have to leave and rejoin the game.

In the beginning we lost almost exclusively to hookrats. After noticing this, i switched to a build that one-shot hookrats with pistols and moved to center platform on hook waves to pick them all out. At this points i pretty much know the timing where all hookrats come from and the order i have to take them out.

Many compositions were tried, most common was zealot, ranger, shade, merc. Since i was zealot that was pretty much the only thing that remained constant. The issue with squishy classes was that they were, well how to put it… squishy and went down like crazy. Most often than not, the ranger provided little other than utility through pots and ammo. The choice of shade was due to the fact we argued that we needed to burst down bosses but that simply doesn't need to happen. It is very gamey but if you have one guy kiting at least 4 guys the assassin wave never spawns and you have all the time in the world to kill the 2 bosses.

I started to know the waves by heart and our gameplay changed as more games piled up. We started by camping the underside of the scaffold all the time and slowly moved to a more free flow attitude with each spawn having us take appropriate positions.

I've improved in so many ways. I only had to heal when i was trying to clutch and heart of iron would proc. Clutching became like a second nature. On games with ranger i pretty much had infinite life with concoction potions and my ult so those were easy to clutch. Since i was the one making the groups i was always the host and this also gave me a significant advantage on clutching. At this point i can confidently solo the entire spawn of stormvermin and stormfiend because i've done it so many times. I've soloed the chaos warrior plus all the blight stormers, right before the final wave. Pretty much nothing could stop me except 2 things, hookrats and assassins.

Hookrats were an issue because they blended with normal rats and come in numbers. They also seemed to completely ignore my ult and hooked me regardless. In one case i ulted and a hookrat grabbed me mid ult and i went back like 5 meters while i was host. But the true clutch killers were assassins. Regardless of how many stormvermin i could solo, regardless of how unkillable i was, these shits were haunting me. About 80% of my failed clutches are only due to assassins. It was impossible to hear where they were with 500 other enemies hunting me and they seemed to silently leap to me from across the map. Even if i saw one, by the time i had pressed 2 i would had been pounced from behind.

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The game i won was pretty much the only game in which we had 2 people alive during the second assassin spawn and i managed to kill the last assassin by the time my last teammate died. We were all alive till first bosses died, then 1 guy got hooked and the other was downed. I soloed the 3rd boss while my last teammate was kiting stormvermin. After my final teammate went down during the leech spawn, i pretty much soloed the rest of the wave. There were 3 shielded marauders alive on that final stretch that gave me cancer, they blocked so many of barely reaching hits and i couldn't do anything to them with 15 chaos warriors following me around.


In the end, I'm a changed man. Constantly playing as zealot on 6 stacks and hosting allowed me to be ultra aggressive and barely block, I just dodged or killed everything before they hit me. Even if i got hit by an cw overhead it didnt matter that much since i could regenerate the lost hp quite easily. Now no other class is simply good enough. I had almost practically infinite stamina, hp and insane damage.

PS edit: It took about 50 tries and all i got was 1 merchants vault, thx fatshark

My build on zealot:

First start the game by getting hit till youre at 6 stacks.

Level 5: Saint of Battle (+5% crit)

Level 10: Flaggelant (half damage) – This essentially doubles your effective hp and getting hit for 10 ten means almost nothing

Level 15: Undying Fervour (+stamina for more stacks) – 6 stamina for free, enough said

Level 20: Sigmar's Herald (+temp hp for cleaving) – You might be tempted to go for hp based on enemy but this allows you to build hp even when facing strong enemies that wont die in 1 hit (bad hits on stormvermins, CWs, bosses). This pretty much allows you to keep a constant (if sometimes small) intake of hp.

Level 25: Pleasure from pain (+temp hp for hits during ult) – While the mobility given by the ult can be life saving, it cant compare to refilling your entire life bar in a few seconds almost reliably


Axe and Falchion – 10% skaven 5% crit, Swift Slaying

At 6 stacks these can one shot stormvermin with 1 heavy attack on head, deal really good with hordes with swift slaying and heavy spamming on bosses deals adequate damage. Back dodging and spamming heavies against zerkers worked really well. When pushing do push attack and then 1 light, these attacks have really high cleave and damage.

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Brace of pistols – 10% monsters 10% skaven , Scrounger

These babies are the ultimate special killers. A full clip with a concoction potion can deal about 40% of a rat ogre's life. Try to conserve ammo and try not to use the full ammo bags unless absolutely necessary. You will probably want to note the position of at least 1 bag that you want to pick during the last wave. Scrounger for more ammo, without caring for headshots.

Necklace – 20% health, 30% block cost, Barkskin

20% health = more effective health. Since i would never heal, i took barkskin to minimize the effect of OMFG moments. It worked relatively well. You can also pick 30% effective heal to get more hp back. 30% block because you have a ton of stamina and %s work well with large numbers.

Charm – 10% armoured, 10% skaven, Concoction

Usually we had a shade that wanted all purples so running concoction with a ranger veteran allows you to spam ult and practically not be able to die.

Trinket – 5% crit, 5% movement, Grenadier

Pretty much filler, cd reduction would work too. Just wanted movement speed to move around better.

Power Vs explanation:

You hate specials dont you? Well this allows you to deal with them in an easy manner by abusing brace of pistols (relatively) huge clip to 1 or 2 shot most specials. Numbers are max since i was rolling with reds so i dont know the exact breakpoints but 10% monster and 20% skaven will allow you to 1 shot hook rats in close range even with no stacks. More armored and skaven on general to deal better with gun rats, globadiers,flamers and stormvermin. Trying to tune for blightstormers or leeches saves considerably less shots and nothing really compares to 1 shot those 5 hook rats chasing you.

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