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My only real complaint with the community… [How to stop aggressive trolls from ruining a game/stalking you around]

2603122 2013 06 07 00001 1024x576 - My only real complaint with the community... [How to stop aggressive trolls from ruining a game/stalking you around]

…is the ridiculous number of players, even at Legend, who are harassers or just plain old toxic in game.

Not a night doesn't go by where multiple people join a game, promptly die, then quit. I don't even think the majority of them are trolling; they're just really bad players looking for a carry, Quick Play'ing into other people's games, dying, and rather than trying to 1) get better or 2) play it out, they just quit. Frankly, that's usually for the better. Rather have a bot or somebody else join than somebody start setting world records for the Damage Taken stat.

That's not really an "issue", as some people are legitimately new and trying and may have bad connections(?) or just be quitting due to other reasons than 'looking for a freebie', but it doesn't speak highly of a not insignificant but certainly not the majority of the playerbase.

But tonight was more of a Fatshark/Steam moderation being essentially useless, as I saw a person who apparently had Steam/Vat bans come into a game, insult everybody, say "screw you all, bye", and then somehow cause everybody but the host to crash and nobody to be able to join without triggering a, "This game session doesn't pass the Anti-Cheat protection," check, which is apparently a thing.

On top of that, some other guy calls me a retard, does a kick attempt, fails to kick me, then suicides his character. When that doesn't "work", he drops his Tome off near the heals and then runs around outside the end of the mission area until thankfully an Assassin pounces him.

So of course I report him (as if Steam or Fatshark will do something about it) and I get this lovely message:


" It looks like you've already filed a report against this person."

This is at the Legend level. I used to think people on the "Free Weekend" event or newer players complaining about toxic people were just exaggerating until I started to see it myself, but it's when there are enough problem people out there that you can't keep track of them all and inevitably meet them again in-game that I realized, "Maybe there's something to some of these complaints."
I miss QoL from VT1, when you could block and ban people from joining your games rather than kicking them and then having them spam-join your lobby/game 30 times until you three-man the rest of the mission.

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While having a group of personal friends or always hanging out on the Vermintide Discords to get group is a great solution, it's not always convenient or possible for everybody, and for some people, just having a solution to stop the occasional really toxic troublemaker would do wonders for making joining games more pleasant. Especially with the Quick Play feature not only being so heavily advertised and recommended, but giving blatant bonuses for those who use it to find games or leave their matches open to help out others looking for a game.

Even if you don't get the option to kick somebody permanently, there should be some short-term option (e.g. "If a group vote-kicks somebody, they can't join games hosted by that person/those people for 24 hours.") so that some of the more aggressive trolls can't succeed in just searching for a host's game and joining it repeatedly.

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