Warhammer: Vermintide

MY opinion so far.

warhammer 8 - MY opinion so far.

Beta has done so many things in my opinion to the game, that have made me very bored, and honestly saddened more than anything. To me the majority of this beta has only served to remove the good qualities of weapons, while barely doing anything to really make any others worth while. A few exceptions of course. ( small example is taking away everything that was fun and good about the halberd. speed.. damage ect…) What I can seem to understand is why take things away from solid weapons instead of just making the sub par ones more useful instead? Wouldnt we all rather see all weapons be useful in some way instead of just constantly nerfing this or that and then buffing something only to have that buff be removed and something else nerfed and buffed. My god this game has been nothing but that since its launch. I've been playing vermintide over 1000+ hours and I just don't understand this.. EVERY time they change something, something else just gets fu*ked up. (Not just weapons, like do we remember when they "fixed" the occasional silent leeches/blights, and all it did was make them completely silent all the time? Tell me I'm wrong about the games track record with changes and you know you'd be lying. 🙂


Don't get me wrong here and think I hate the game, I do love the series. The main point I'm trying to say is just find a way to make all weapons useful instead of nerfing ones that are good, If all weapons performed well, then no one weapon would stand out as supposedly needing a "nerf" and we'd see a lot more variety in weapon use in game. Just look at the beta now, why are there no elves using daggers anymore? why do they all seem to be using the spear? And hot dang look at all the picks being used suddenly on dwarf. Hmm wonder why this is..

If we can't stop this constant stream of nerf this weapon/talent it's OP, or such and so weapons/class need some love; I don't see this game ever becoming stable. I think the game was in a decent state before beta changes, (with some changes being needed sure) but a lot of what I see as of now in game is just more calls for nothing more but another year of nerfs and buffs.

In summary, make all weapons/classes ect.. useful in some way by not constantly removing what makes the thing shine, and buff things that don't If all things work well then we won;t have a need for such a constant change.

P.s. I play all classes and only play legend if that matters.


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