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my personal little guide on what the careers do on a team right now

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I'm making this not really as an end all thing. I just want to add little flags to the characters so anybody who's confused about what a class is good at or if a class is hard etc etc. can get an idea of what a class is like. Now keep in mind this is all my opinion so feel free to call me wrong.I'll be adding flags for difficulty and what their main strength relies on being good at I.E SpecialClear/Hordeclear/BossClear

We'll start with my main Saltzpyre

Witch Hunter Captain-Very hard-Hybrid(Hordeclear/SpecialClear)

Witch hunter is a high speed damage dealer that focuses on headshots, while also providing an extra 20% damage to the entire team through his tags

Bounty Hunter-Medium-Hybrid(BossClear/SpecialClear) An extremely powerful ranged damage dealer that can melt bosses and one shot literally everything else. The guaranteed crit allows bounty hunter to stay sustained through horde clearing and just doing the job of a ranged character.

Zealot-Medium-HordeClear High health,high damage resistance, and temporary immortality all bundled together with an insane ability to generate temp health. What's not to love?

Now onto Kerrilian

Waystalker-Easy-depends on build A sustainable and versatile character that is easily at home destroying hordes or picking off specials from 5 miles away, Can also melt bosses or really do anything.

Handmaiden-Medium-HordeClear A durable and highly mobile melee class focused on kiting and in a pinch running the hell away to save a run. Has great horde clear with a fast cooldown F ability that can almost be spammed.

Shade-Medium-Bossclear Probably the most high damage character class in the game right now, If you want to have a press button to delete enemy character on your team, you take a shade.

Now onto Sienna

Battle Wizard-Medium-HordeClear A misunderstood class to be certain,But even still it is undeniably one of the best horde clearing and crowd control careers in the game, while also being nearly as capable at clutching as a handmaiden is.

Pyromancer-Easy-SpecialClear The most simple and powerful of the ranged classes, with many buffs that reward it for using staves. A very capable special killer and if built right also quite good at taking down hordes.


Unchained-Hard-Hordeclear The character with the highest effective health in the game due to straight up resisting 50% of all damage she takes. Has incredibly high damage at higher overcharge. Great horde clearer and good at crowd control and of course not dying.

Now Kruber

Mercenary-Easy-HordeClear The second best horde clearer in the game just behind battle wizard except this one is a melee. Has amazing abilities to support and save the team while also deleting hordes with insane attack speed cleave and crit chance.

Huntsman-Medium-Hybrid (BossClear/SpecialClear) Think if shade picked up a bow, and relied on headshots instead of being behind the opponent that's huntsman. High damage output throughout the board with good ammo conservation and an incredibly powerful burst damage potential.

Foot knight-Easy-HordeClear The king of disruption himself, if you need a character to keep the hordes off of you and fu*k over chaos spawns who see you as an enticing meal look no further than foot knight. Highly survivable, and a great team player.

Finally to the dwarf

Ranger Veteran-Easy-SpecialClear The least selfish of the ranged classes, gives his entire team supplies to keep them running in the long haul while also utilizing Bardin's versatile ranged weaponry. Good at either killing specials or killing hordes depending on weapon choice.

Ironbreaker-Easy-Depends on ranged choice Well hey if you never want to die here's the class to do it with resisting damage once every 20 seconds combined with a high health pool and innate damage resistance, Also comes with fire weapons! Very versatile tank class that can fill a variety of roles based on loadout and build.

Slayer-Very hard-Hybrid (HordeClear/BossClear) Oh man this guy, constant attacking and constant damaging all in a little dwarf sized ball of murder. High attack speed and a stacking buff that further increases damage. Able to easily clear hordes and delete armored foes all the same.

Right,that concludes the wall of text tell me if I made any stupid mistakes or if i'm blatantly wrong on something please.

EDIT:Thanks to a suggestion from RageMachinist I have changed the roles to make more sense

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