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My personal redesign for careers

chivalry screenshot1 - My personal redesign for careers

This is a redesign of the careers in Vrrminetide 2. This is simply a list of how I would change it up to create a way to play different ways with each career. I do these with no real knowledge if FatShark's engine is able to do any of these. I also don't know if these would even be balanced so please comment more about changes then if something would be overpowered or not numbers wise.

I would love to hear your opinions or what you would do differently. Please I didn't go back and spell check anything so don't wrong me in that aspect. I also tried my best to keep the talents within the theme of their name. I also tried my best to make a unique level 20 talent for each career.

Victor Saltzpyer Witch Hunter Captain: WHC I wanted to change WHC to an anti elite specialist. He benefits from hunting them down and focusing everyone's attention on targets.

Passives: Add 5% reduction on cooldown for animosity for specials and 2.5% on elites Active: Boosts crit to 25% for 15 seconds and reduces 5% every 5 seconds. Maybe reduce cooldown but the passive would probably fix that.

Tier 1 talents. Always prepared: Get 10% ammo on use of animosity

Unflagged Spirit: Every 15 seconds your able to block any heavy attack with no shields loss or take only half damage from an unblockable attack.

Charmed Life: Animosity lasts 20 seconds.

Tier 2 talents: Marked for death: Auto marks the nearest markable target with 15 meters. (Needs work or something better)

Justice's bounty: Adds 5 temp health to the lowest % health person in the group when a tagged special dies.

Wild Fervour: Increase crit by 20% for 4 seconds when a taggable enemy dies. Unchanged

Tier 4 Talents: Holy Cause: Crits grant temp health. Unchanged

Righteous Zeal: Kills grant temp health. Unchanged

Purifier: Tagged target's explode doing damage to enemies only.

Tier 5 Talents: Redoubled Purpose: Increase the tagged target cooldown reduction by 1% for specials and .5% on elites.

Resonating Faith: All none special or boss enemies stay back from the spot that animosity is used for half of it's duration.

Fierce Oratory: Tagged non-boss enemies get pushed back once every 7.5 seconds during Animosity's effect.

Bounty Hunter: I feel Bounty hunter is a strong in game now but the is only one strong way to play it. Tried to open up options for use with other ranged weapons.

Active: Blessed shot: The next 4 shots within 5 seconds Automatically are criticals. I do this to make all ranged weapons can be useful instead of just the repeater pistol. Now to make this work they would have to change where blessed shot only works on individual shot from the alternate fire on the repeater and not the whole burst.

Tier 1 talents: I want to make the first talents to change up how your ranged weapon of choice works. Swift reload: Blessed Shot makes up to 2 shots richochet. (Good for crossbows, volley crossbows, and brace pistols)

Make them Count: Blessed Shot causes only 1 shot to explode doing damage to surrounding enemies. (Good for crossbows or any really)

Vicious Virtue: Extends the effect of Blessed Shot to up to 8 Shots. (Repeater pistol, volley crossbow, and brace pistols)

Tier 2 talents: Leave none Behind: Can use Locked and Loaded to revive an ally once every 3 minutes.

Necessary Means: Melee kills gives 1 charge of blessed shot. Blessed shot can gain a second separate charge every 20 seconds.

Chrippling Strike: Increased power boost of crits by 25%. Unchanged

Tier 3 Talents: Pious Fervour: If more then 2 shots from blessed shot hits a single target it reduces the cooldown on Locked and loaded by 10%.

Cruel Fortune: Blessed Shot can have 2 charges.

Prize Bounty: Shots Affected by Blessed Shots consume no Ammo. Unchanged

Tier 4 Talents: Holy Cause: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged

Righteous Zeal: Kills grant temporary health. Unchanged

Purifier: When bosses die, gain health. Unchanged (Couldn't come up with anything)

Tier 5 Talents: Encore: Changes Locked and loaded to an explosive shot that explodes on inpacked with the enviroment or bosses.

Double-Shotted. Locked and Loaded has 2 charges.

Buckshot: Modifies Victor's sidearm to fire 2 blasts of pellets in a devastating cone. Unchanged.

Zealot: Passive: Power increases by 5% for every 25 health missing to a maximum bonus of 20% Uninterruptible heavy attacks Resists death on taking lethal damage. All Unchanged

Active: Holy Fervor: Make the ability able to active 2 different ways. Activeate it and left click to do the charge or right click to do a battle shout that only causes the increased attack speed.

Tier 1 talents: Holy Endurance: Crits during Holy fervor give 5% health regen over 5 seconds to the weakest ally or self.

Saint of Battle: Gives a passive 5% crit chances plus and additional during Holy Fervor.

Strong of Will: Every 30 seconds you can negate a stun completely.

Tier 2 Talents: No Surrender: Increase Power by 3% for every enemy nearby and stacks up to 5 times. Unchanged

Flagellant: Damage taken from one attack is reduced to 15 damage or half its original value whichever is highest. Unchanged

Suppress Pain: Reduces damage taken by 25.0% while below 50.0% health. Unchanged

Tier 3 Talents: Shield of Faith: Fiery Faith also increases block and push angle by 10.0% per 25 health missing. This effect stacks up to 5 times. Add half a shield to the stacking effect.

Holy Crusader: Fiery Faith also increases power boost of critical hits by 10 per 25 health missing. This effect stacks up to 5 times. Unchanged

Undying Fervor: Taking damage that would normally down you instead adds 20 temporary hp once every 1 minute.

Tier 4 Talents: Holy Cause: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged

Righteous Zeal: Kills grant temporary health. Unchanged

Purifier: When Elites or Specials dies near or by you the group gains 5% hp regen over 5 seconds. Doubled if it's a boss.

Tier 5 Talents: Frother: Reduces the cooldown of Holy Fervour by 30.0%. Unchanged

Pleasure from Pain: Holy Fervour causes Victor to restore 2 health for each successful hit. Unchanged

Blessed Frenzy: Crits boost duration of Holy Fervour 1 second but gets diminishing returns after 3 added seconds.

Bardin Goreksson

Ranger Veteran: Passives: Specials drop ammo pickups on death.
Increased ammo capacity. Increased reload speed. Unchanged

Active: Disengage: Bardin deploys a smoke bomb that conceals him from enemies whilst he stays inside the cloud. Unchanged

Tier 1 talents: Hunter's Eye: 1 in every 5 crits drops ammo st Bardin's feet. Not effected by tier 3 talents.

Apply Pressure: Ranged shots all penetrate 1 more target.

Foe-feller: +5% attack speed for every ranged kill stacking 3 times for 5 seconds.

Tier 2 Talents: Last Resort: Gain 2 hp per second inside Disengage's smoke. Half effect for allies.

No Dawdling: Blocking reloads your ranged weapon.

Curl Up: Can cancel grabs once every 30 seconds.

Tier 3 Talents: Battle-Brew: Survivalist grants a Potion or a healing draught instead of ammo. 1 in 4. (Healing Draughts would have a lower chance compared to potions)

Grungni's Cunning: Crossbows richochet instead of penetrate. Grudge-Raker sets target's on fire Handgun shot's explode on inpact.

Master Brewer: Change to Master bomber. 1 in 4 specials drop a bomb. All bombs used by Bardin have both bomb effects but to a lesser degree.

Tier 4 Talents: Just Drunk Enough: Melee and ranged crits give temp health. Unchanged

Grudge-Borne: Kills give temp health. Unchanged

Grimnir's Champion: Ranged crits and kills give temp health.

Tier 5 Talents: Ranger's Ambush: Disengage lasts 14 seconds. Unchanged

Preparation: Reduces cooldown of Disengage by 30%. Unchanged

Catch a Breath: Allies can hide in Disengage's smoke as well.

Ironbreaker: Passive: Once every 20 seconds completely adsorb an attack. Reduced damage taken. More stamina and stun resistance.

Active: Inpenetrable: Taunts all man sized enemies, more damage resistance, and block is unbreakable. Unchanged

Tier 1 Talents: Shield of Valaya: Increases effective block and push angle by 50% and gives a shield.

Stoutfellow: +20% health. Unchanged.

Indefatigable: Blocking does damage back to the attacker when Inpenetrable is active.

Tier 2 Talents: Gazul's Duty: After reviving an ally you taunt all non-special enemies near you. Once every minute.

Iron Drake: Drakefire Pistols are more accurate. Drakefire Gun doesn't do friendly fire for 1.5 seconds of it's initial burst. Drakefire weapons cause less overheating.

Miner's Rhythm: Charged attacks make the next charge attack hit 25% faster and harder.

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Tier 3 Talents: Ironbreaker's Resolve: Once every 30 second's your block can stop you from being grabbed or knocks back the enemy that breaks your block.

Rune-Forged: Bardin heals 3 hp and gains 7 temp hp when Gromril Armour absorbs a hit.

Tunnel Fighter: Reduces Geomril Armour to 13 seconds. Unchanged

Tier 4 Talents: Just Drunk Enough: Gain temp health when you lose 1 stamina while blocking. Gain 10 when your block is broken once every 10 seconds. Pushes don't count.

Grudge-Borne: Kills grant temp health. Unchanged

Grimnir's Champion: You are unkillable and unstunable while Impenetrable Taunt is active.

Tier 5 Talents: Heart of Gromril: Increaces the Duration of Impenetrable taunt to 15 seconds. Unchanged

Booming Taunt: Continues to taunt more enemies every 2 seconds.

Oi! Wazzok!: Can taunt Bosses Impenetrable Taunt. Unchanged

Slayer: Passive: Stacking damage buff on hitting an enemy. If fatal damage is taken Bardin attacks everything around him with his equiped weapon that always crits. Increased attack speed.

Active: Leap: Bardin leaps forward to stun a target and gains a burst of attack speed.

Tier 1 Talents: Stoutfellow: Increases Health by 25%. Unchanged

Hack and Slash: Critical hits causes Bardin to heal by 2.

See it coming: Every 30 seconds Bardin can cancel a grab and counter attack his attacker.

Tier 2 Talents: Oblivious to Pain: Damage taken from one attack is reduced to 15 damage or half of its original value whichever is highest. Unchanged

Stunty Saviour: Leaping gives allies 20% damage reduction buff.

Crippling Wounds: Critical hits cause enemies to take increased damage. Unchanged

Tier 3 Talents: Unstoppable: On max stacks, Trophy Hunter heals 2 hp once every 3 seconds.

Moving Target: Trophy Hunter also increases defence with every buff stack. Unchanged

Adrenaline Surge: On max stacks, Trophy Hunter grants cooldown reduction for Leap. Unchanged

Tier 4 Talents: Just Drunk Enough: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged

Grudge-Borne: Kills grant temp health.

Grimnir's Champion: Leap gives 20 temp health

Tier 5 Talents: Crunch: Leap does damage on landing.

Unstopable: All attacks are auto blocked after leaping until you run out of stamina.

No Escape: Leap can be used to pick yourself up.

Marcus Kruber: Mercenary: Passives: Hitting 3 enemies in one swing grants 10% increased attack speed for 6 seconds. Attacks cleave through more enemies. Increased crit chance.

Active: Morale Boost: Markus grants nearby party members a boost of temprary health and staggers nearby enemies

Tier 1 Talents: Ready for Action: Charged attacks can cleave through armored targets.

And Stay Down!: Increases critical hit chance by 5.0% and Paced strikes gives another 5% to crit.

Battle Scares: For 10 seconds after Morale Boost temp health is converted to health by 2 per 2 seconds.

Tier 2 Talents: The More The Merrier!: Increases Power by 3.0% for every nearby enemy and stacks up to 5 times. Unchanged

Desperate Defiance: Reduces damage taken by 25.0% when below 50.0% health. Unchanged

Shrug it Off: Guard breaks pushes enemies back.

Tier 3 Talents: Reikland Reaper: Increases Power by 10% when Paced Strikes is active. Unchanged

Blade Barrier:
Reduces damage taken by 25.0% when Paced Strikes is active. Unchanged

Strike Together: Paced Strikes spreads to nearby allies. Unchanged

Tier 4 Talents: For the Empire!: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged

Soldier's Spirit:
Kills grant temporary health. Unchanged

The Harder They Fall: Elites and specials kills by marcus reduces Morale boost's cooldown by 5% double for Bosses.

Tier 5 Talents: Gabbler: Temp health does not fall off for 20 seconds after Morale Boost is used.

Inspirational: Increases the temporary health gained from Morale Boost. Unchaged

On Yer Feet, Mates!: Morale Boost also revives knocked down allies. Unchaged

Huntsman: Passive: Ranged headshots recovers 1 ammunition No ranged damage falloff Critical strike chance aura. All Unchanged

Active Ability: Hunter's Prowl: Markus disappears from sight for a brief period of time allowing him to ambush foes gain a +1.5x damage multiplier for 6 seconds Reload speeds reduced for 6 seconds Ranged attacks don't break stealth. (My only change)

Tier 1 talents: Keep 'Em Coming:
Ranged attacks during Powling returns all used ammo.

On Target: Critical head shots gives allies 1 ammunition.

Ourdoorsman: Prowling increases move speed by 10%.


Tier 2 Talents: Scavenger: Melee Critical head shots return one ammunition once every 5 seconds.

Make 'Em Bleed: Critical hits cause enemies to take increased damage. Unchanged

Hands Off!: Hunter's Prowl knocks all man sized enemies back.

Tier 3 Talents: Taal's Blessing: Markus recovers 2 ammunition from scoring headshots. Unchanged

Makin' It Look Easy: After scoring a ranged headshot Markus gains 10% increased critical hit chance. Unchanged

Thrill of the Hunt: Ranged crits do not comsume ammo.

Tier 4 Talents: For the Empire!: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged.

Soldier's Spirit: Kills grant temporary health. Unchanged

The Harder They Fall: Headshots give temp health.

Tier 5 Talents: Blend In: Hunter's Prowl works on one nearest ally as well as yourself.

Hunter's Respite: Markus recovers 4 health every second while under the effect of Hunter's Prowl. Unchanged

I'm Coming for Ya: Kills while in Hunter's Prowl extend it's duration by 1 second to a max of 8 seconds added.

Foot Knight: Passives: Damage resistance aura Increased stamina Reduced damage taken. All Unchanged

Active: Valiant Charge: Markus charges forward slamming into enemies and pushing them forward. Unchanged

Tier 1 Talents: Bulwark: Marcus has a higher defense while using a shield and have a higher chance of being the target.

Bastion of the Reik: Increase maximum Health by 25.0%. Unchanged

Onslaught: 1 handed weapons and 2 handed weapons cleave more easily.

Tier 2 Talents: Regroup: Once every 20 seconds Marcus can push an enemy giving a single near by ally a 5 second damage reduction.

Counter-Attack: Your pushes do damage based on how much damaged you have blocked within 5 seconds.

Build Momentum: Pushing an enemy gives a 10% attack speed boost.

Tier 3 Talents: Battle Drill: Protective presence lingers on an ally for an additional 5 seconds after you get out of range.

Defensive Formation: Once every 10 seconds you can block an attack the would normally hit your nearby ally.

Drillmaster: Protective Presence gets stronger the longer an ally has the buff.

Tier 4 Talents: For the Empire: Crits give temp health. Unchanged

Soldier's Spirit: Kills grant temporary health.

The Harder They Fall: Valiant Charge gives temp health when ramming enemies. 2x for bosses.

Tier 5 Talents: A Life of Battle: Valiant Charge can stack 2 charges.

Glory Hound: Valiant Charge debuffs enemies to do 25% less damage.

Hold Ground: Valiant Charge grants a 100.0% reduction to stamina block cost for 10 seconds. Unchanged

Kerillian: Waystalker: Passives: Kerillian regenerates health over time when below half health (2.5% max health per 10 seconds) Increased (+50%) ammo capacity Double effective range for ranged weapons. All Unchanged

Active: Trueshot Volley: Kerillian shoots a volley of arrows that seek out enemies in her path. Unchanged

Tier 1 talents: Fury of Anath Raema: 2 kills with a bow within 5 seconds give 5% attack speed boost to the group.

Morai-Heg's Scorn: Bow crits have better damage and Hagbane bows poison spreads more easily.

Hukon's Tanacity: Regen can work till 75%.

Tier 2 Talents: Ironfeather Flights: Repeated bow attacks cause extra damage to the same target.

Daughter of the Hunt: While above 25.0% health, Kerillian's critical hits gain 30% additional power boost. Unchanged

Arcane Bodkins: Bow crits send out a seeking arrow for 50% damage.

Tier 3 Talents: Isha's Embrac: Increases Kerillian's health regeneration. (+100%). Unchanged

Vaul's Quiver: Regeneration also recovers arrows or bolts. Unchanged

Rejuvenating Locus: Regeneration spreads to allies. Unchanged

Tier 4 Talents: Weavebound: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged

Khaine's Thirst: Kills grant temporary health. Unchanged

Champion of Athel Loren: Ranged kills and crits give temp health.

Tier 5 Talents: Asrai Focus: Reduces the cooldown of Trueshot Volley by 30.0%. Unchanged

Lifebloom Arrows: Using Trueshot Volley recovers 20 health and any overhealing gives temp health to the lowest health ally.

Kurmous' Blessing: Trueshot Volley richochets off more targets.

Handmaiden: Passives: Increased dodge distance Stamina regeneration aura Uninterruptible revive. All Unchaged

Active: Dash: Kerillian quickly dashes forward through enemies and causes them to bleed. Unchanged

Tier 1 Talents: Asrai Vigor: Dash has increased damaged based on missing stamina.

Wraithwilow Stance: Dodge is extended by 25% once every 10 seconds.

Quiver of Plenty: Dash restores 1 ammo to you and allies you pass through.

Tier 2 Talents: Triumph of the Cadai: Dash can revive an ally once per 3 minutes.

Eldrazor's Precision: Once every 10 seconds dodge gives a 100% crit chance on your next melee attack.

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Defiance: Can push for free once every 20 seconds even when stamina is out.

Tier 3 talents: Gladerunner: Dodge increases movement speed by 10% with enemies near by.

Shadowstep: Can dodge through small enemies at a stamina cost.

Hukon's Tenacity: Attacks that connect increase Dashes distance by 5% per enemy hit stacking up to 3 times.

Tier 4 Talents: Weaveblood: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged

Khaine's Thirst: Kills grant temporary health. Unchanged

Champion of Athel Loren: Dash gives temp health to you and any ally you pass through.

Tier 5 Talents: Gift of Ladrielle: Kerillian disappears from enemy perception for 3 seconds after using Dash. Unchanged

Bladedancer: Dash increases your attack power by 10% for 10 seconds.

Handmaiden's Grace: Dash can have 2 charges.

Shade: Passives: 50% additional damage when attacking enemies from behind Critical hit backstabs instantly slay mansized enemies. All Unchanged

Active: Infiltrate: Can store up to 10 seconds of infiltrate. Restore 1 second of infiltrate per 6 seconds. 5 seconds must pass between each use. Melee and ranged attacks break infiltrate.

Tier 1 Talents: Hukon's Tenacity: Heavy attacks have extra armor peircing while using infiltrate.

Fury of Anath Raema: Increased attack speed by 15% after exiting Infiltrate for 3 seconds.

Shadowstep: While in infiltrate you can use you ping to teleport behind your tagged target at the cost of 5 seconds of infiltrate.

Tier 2 Talents: Gladerunner: Infiltrate gives a 10% speed boost after being in infiltrate for 3 seconds.

Ellinil's Venom: Backstab crits also leave a lingering poison.

Hekarti's Bounty: Backstabing an elite or special gives a 15% power boost or 5 seconds.

Tier 3 Talents: Ereth Khial's Herald: Murderous Prowess bonus is increased to 100% increased damage. Unchanged

Mistress of Sacrifice: Increased angle for triggering Murderous Prowess backstab. Unchanged

Bloodfletcher: Murderous Prowess backstab returns 1 ammo or bolt. Unchanged

Tier 4 Talents: Weavebound: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged

Khaine's Thirst: Kills grant temporary health. Unchanged

Champion of Loren: Backstabing gives temp health

Tier 5 talents: Veilwalker: Infiltrate can have a total charge of 15 seconds.

Shadowhunter: Infiltrate stealth no longer breaks when firing ranged weapon and gives a 10% crit to attacks in infiltrate.

Shadespirit: Recharge 3 seconds of infiltrate with backstabs once every 15 seconds.

Sienna Fuegonasus: Battle Wizard: Passives: Avoiding damage and not casting spells for 8 seconds automatically ventilates Overcharge Overcharge increases spell charge speed Increased ranged damage. All unchanged but below. Has a higher overcharge threshhold.

Active skill: Fire Walk: Change it to a 2 skill system. Reduce to 1 minute cooldown. Activate the skill and then click mouse 1 or 2 to use either version.

First version is Fire walk Sienna blinks forward leaving a blanket of fire in her wake unchanged Second version is you cast the fire stream out without the teleport.

Tier 1 Talents: Cauterise Wounds: Fire walk and fire stream do not hurt allies and gives 10 temp health to those who walk through it.

Fuelled by Fire: Blocking reduces the cooldown on Tranquility

Voracious Conjuring: Once every 15 seconds you can cast a free fully charged staff spell that does not reset tranquility.

Tier 2 Talents: World Aflame: Blocking sets attackers on fire doing damage over time and adds 1 stamina shield.

Molten Skin: Overcharge gives a stacking defence buff and lasts until 3 seconds after tranquility starts. 5% for every 10 overcharge stacking up to 4 times.

Flickerform: After casting Fire stream you can within 5 seconds cast fire walk for free but it does not leave a trail of flame behind.

Tier 3 Talents: Burning Vigour: While Tranquility is active you give off an aoe damage aura.

Rechannel: When Tranquility fully reduces you over charge your next spell is 50% stronger. 20 second cooldown.

Centered: Increases the effect of Tranquility. Unchanged

Tier 4 Talents: Seething Embers: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged

Soul Snare: Kills grant temporary health. Unchanged

Blazing Harvest: Charged spell attacks that do damage grant temporary Health.

Tier 5 Talents: Volan's Quickening: Fire Walk and Fire stream have separate cooldowns.

Lava Walker: Fire walk and Fire Streams trails last longer.

Burnout: Fire Walk or Fire stream removes all overcharge.

Pyromancer: Passives: Increased critical strike chance based on Overcharge level. Increased ranged damage.

Active: The Burning Head: Sienna unleashes a fiery projectile that seeks out foes. Unchanged

Tier 1 Talents: Focusing Lens: Beam and bolt staves have increased damage when concentrated on one target.

Martial Study: Conflagration and fireball staffs leave a lingering burn on the ground that damage enemies.

Natural Talent: Flamestorm staff heats up you melee weapon making it cause and burst of flames on it's next charged attack. More the longer your Flamestaff was used.

Tier 2 talents: Ashen Form: Specials and elites killed by Sienna burst into flames causing a short damage over time in a small area.

Dissipate: Overcharge cooling does no damage for up to 3 seconds once every 20 seconds.

Quickening: Spell charge speed is increased at higher overcharge.

Tier 3 Talents: Shield of Tarnus: Critical Mass also reduces the stamina cost of blocking attacks by 10% per 8 overcharge and stacks up to 5 times. Unchanged

Blazing Equilibrium: Critical Mass also reduces overcharge generated by 5% per 8 overcharge and stacks up to 5 times. Unchanged

One with the Flame: Critical Mass also increases attack speed by 2% per 8 overcharge and stacks up to 5 times. Unchanged

Seething Embers: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged

Soul Snare: Kills grant temporary health. Unchanged

Blazing Harvest: When below 50% health cooling your overcharge grants temp health. (Couldn't think of a non-game breaking one)

Tier 5 Talents: Exhaust: The Burning Head also removes all Overcharge. Unchanged

Bonded Flame: The Burning Head grants temporary health when used. Unchanged

Fiery Heart: Burning head can stack up to 2 charges.

Unchained: Passives: 50% damage taken transfered to Overcharge. No Overcharge slowdown. Increased melee power on high Overcharge. Reduced block cost on high Overcharge, consumes Overcharge. All unchanged

Active Skill: Living Bomb: Sienna explodes, dealing damage to surrounding enemies and clearing her Overcharge. Unchanged Would like for living bomb to cancel the critical overcharge explosion.

Tier 1 Talents: Backblast: Pushes cause a blast once every 20. Increased damage at lower stamina.

Form of the Fire Wind: Increases max overcharge by 25.0%. Unchanged

Volcanic Body: Increases maximum health by 20.0%. Unchanged

Tier 2 Talents: Feuerbach's Fury: Charged attack set enemies on fire in a small cone once every 15 seconds.

Essence Syphone: Burning Damage causes the lowest ally to heal 2 health once every 5 seconds.

Seared Nerves: Reviving an ally or your block broken causes an explosion once every 30 seconds.

Dissispate: Can vent overcharge for 3 seconds without causing self damage once every 15 seconds.

Conduit: Pushes cause your overcharge to drop 20% once every 20 seconds.

Natural Talent: Reduces overcharge generated by 15.0%. Unchanged

Seething Embers: Critical hits grant temporary health. Unchanged

Soul Snare: Kills grant temporary health. Unchanged

Blazing Harvest: Living Bomb grants Temp health.

Tier 5 Talents: Flame Wave: Living Bomb sets the ground on fire for 5 seconds.

Blazing Crescendo: Increase the explosion damage of Living Bomb. Unchanged

Tick, Tick, Tick: Reduces the cooldown of Living Bomb by 30.0%. Unchanged

Thank you to all who read this. I would love to hear feedback and what you would change.

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