Warhammer: Vermintide

My Reds and Cosmetics after roughly 1.4k hours

chivalry screenshot1 - My Reds and Cosmetics after roughly 1.4k hours

Listed Heroes in order, weapons in order of my Inventory. Cosmetic's, Trinket's etc. and a Summary at the end of the Post.

Markus Kruber

Executioner Swords

  1. The Carroburg Honour-Blade
  2. Von Mecklenburg's Revenge
  3. Von Mecklenburg's Revenge


  1. Recruits Halberd

Mace and Shield

  1. Kell's Vanguard
  2. Kell's Vanguard

Sword and Shield

  1. The Bastion

Two Handed Hammer's

  1. Counterfeit Ghal Maraz
  2. The Reiksmarshall's great Leveller
  3. The Reiksmarshall's great Leveller

Two Handed Sword

  1. Baron Brech's Beauty


  1. Old (Mostly) Faithfull
  2. Old (Mostly) Faithfull


  1. Otto Hieder's Never-Miss Mechanism
  2. The Bogenhafen Banger


  1. Champions Longbow

Repeater Handgun

  1. Griffon's Roar
  2. Von Meinkopt's Whirligig of Death


  1. Scarred Close-Helm
  2. Sunset Bonnet
  3. Brigand's Mask

Bardin Goreksson


  1. Hazkhalaz Skrundaz
  2. Hazkhalaz Skrundaz

Hammer and Shield

  1. Grundalaz Karaz-Skaud


  1. Vengrynaz Drekmaraz

Drakefire Pistols

  1. Nornak Drakktuk


  1. Katalhuyk
  2. Zharrstromez
  3. Zharrstromez
  4. Zharrstromez


  1. Drungirorkaz


  1. Zarazaz Kantuzthrag


  1. Gnorlklad
  2. Kladkap
  3. Bryngormkap

Kerillian <404 Surname>

Dual Daggers

  1. Mercy and Carnage

Dual Sword

  1. Katha's Funeral Swords
  2. Katha's Funeral Swords


  1. Endbringer

Sword and Dagger

  1. Weave-Reign Blades
  2. Callach's Cursed Blades


  1. Ariel's Breath


  1. Scarloc's Longbow
  2. Scarloc's Longbow
  3. Scarloc's Longbow


  1. Horns of Kurnous
  2. Whisperer's Guise
  3. Burning Crown (HM 100 games)
  4. Shadow Mask

Victor Saltspyre


  1. Absolver
  2. Von Kraddock's Judge
  3. Von Kraddock's Judge
  4. Von Kraddock's Judge


  1. Ravensblade


  1. Chain of Office
  2. Elector's Burden
  3. Chain of Office


  1. Truthsnare

Two Handed Sword

  1. Defender of the Reik
  2. Van Hal's Executioner


  1. Faithflight

Repeater Pistol

  1. Grand Inquisitor's Stare
  2. Grand Inquisitor's Stare

Repeater Crossbow

  1. Templar's Repeater Crossbow
  2. Templar's Repeater Crossbow
  3. Templar's Repeater Crossbow
  4. Templar's Repeater Crossbow
  5. Templar's Repeater Crossbow

Yes. Not even kidding.


  1. Skullcrest Watchtower
  2. Templar's Watchtower

Sienna Fuergonasus


  1. Dagger of Aqshy


  1. Boppity Stick

Flamestorm Staff

  1. Furisome Flame-Stave
  2. Furisome Flame-Stave

Beam Staff

  1. Infused Immolator of Itza

Bolt Staff

  1. The Runic Ruinator


  1. Sunburst Candlegate
  2. Pyromancer's Candlegate
  3. Enduring Candlegate
  4. Skullmask of the Exile

Charms: 18

Trinkets: 19

Necklace: 15


Total Reds from roughly 1.4k active playtime: 116

Highest Amount of Red's from 1 Chest: 2, happend twice to me and got dupes both times. Trinket Trinket and Necklace Necklace.

Dupes (Same Illusion, not counting charms etc.): 19

Rough estimate of Disenchantet reds: ~5-10 at max

Disenchantet Cosmetics: 1. The salt Plank.. I got it after about 8 Hours and didnt knew how rar cosmetics are. I wantet to craft an Axe so I disenchatet it. It's been over 4 months so I can't get it back.

Total Cosmetic's: 16

I think I got pretty lucky on non-dupes. I am aiming for all relevant Reds and only miss a few. What is your inventory like? grindet something specific? it took me a long time to get the xbow on salt thats why I got so many dupes..

Want to see any Weapons / Cosmetic's just google it or ask me, ill upload a screenshot. 🙂

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