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(My ) suggestions,ideas and concepts for the future update

warhammer 4 - (My ) suggestions,ideas and concepts for the future update

Ok what is this post ? Well exactly that whats in the title… trhu out my time in this amazing game i came up with a Lot and i mean A LOT of things to add to this game (god this is gone be long) But before i start i want you to know that my english writing is bad really ,really bad and i apologize

game mods,events & freedom

To simply put it ideas for new game mods


Ok i now this is alredy being worked on as a side project and that it will probably come with sesone V so am not gone talk About this


Well not exactly “events” nore like random Encaunters- imagine going thrugh the town and suddently BAM a barricade blocking the main path ! Or a camp filled with sleeping chaos warriors guarding a chest (FINALLY putting that sneek Button to use) or even more ! Like a pile of shilings Guarded by plague monks and so and so

This would not only help to full out that Classic plqn for every map insted it turns the plan into total chaos ! Just like this game should be…


ok ok so you know that giant iron door next to the training room yard ? Lets change it into a dungeon ! In short randomly (dungeon like) generated map Where risk=reward for example: a chaos spawn locked behind a large door you can hear it scream for slaughter, thrugh a small hole in the ground you see a emperors vault will you open the door and take the risk ? Or will you walk forward with what you alredy have ?

Ok i want put other thing in here so let me show you this one


or more exactly free mode Every map is just few steps away from each other copy and pasting them on one large place a drawing paths (or side areas) to it would give a player freedom to explore helmgard to its finnest

cool what am i gone get ?

Scrap ! Chests ! Weapons ! Helmgard is in rubble…but that dosent mean that you cant take some ! For example Shilling stash– gives you a good amount of coin barracks– chance to find cool weapons storage yard– chance to find crafting matterials

Ok thats enough for the levels


what rats have weekend others try to take


Ok no doubt About this one we need orks (or undead) the skaven slaves could be Goblins The armoured could be black orks and the simple orks could be just normal rats


shhh i hear a long shot reloding! -saltzpyre

Long shot (i forgot the actuall name) is a skaven sniper with a shield right in front of him There are other skaven machineri wich fits perfectly like the warpstone driller (nailed it) And the doom wheals (both big or small) This would fit really well even for the chaos faction like: plague hounds,plague toads,and tenticals scatters across the map

Ok this was a short what were half way there tho But there is this lil itsi bits tiny thing…

Why the hell ? Does the beast man have to be in every god dam level ?! Just change that no beastmans to vanila maps Its hard enough


Ok lets start


Dwarf-runesmith: Buffs players around him and debuffs enemys

-engineer: able to drop armour pouches wich the party can use and it is visible His ult was hard to come up with but i came up with the most simple one He drops a 1shot kill Turret for 30+ And thats it


High af damage with ult of a AOE spinning attack Not much i can add i Don’t play here often

SALTZ-warrior priest

TONK with a abbility to heal himself and others via killing Ult ? I Don’t know… heal His allies and budeš on how much he Heald that how much damage will the next attack do ? I really Don’t know


i Don’t know much About warhammer fantasy wizards so i will keep this one unchecked


or simply put it: a Easy way to get them Via the open world missions or dungeons

And also mesh skins… Like difrent looking armour not just recolerd one but with spikes or skulls ! I had a idea for “rot blood” skin set wich gives the characters appirence of there enemy Or maybe even skins of the rellics in the keep ! Ratskiniks helmet,spine manglers skull rack,or even thats giant axe ! And it could be a reward for killing them ! And also i came up with something weird What if we could transmogrifi items like in WOW ?

A executors sword that looks like elfs axe or the opposite you get the idea…

Ok what we have next ? Oh Yes !


you are one of the stromgest man in all of the old world SO FIX THE DAM HOLE IN THE WALL ALREDY

You get the idea this concept was shown here before but i want to expand it where insted of using shillings lets use scrap and iron wich we gatherd from dungeons, or open play missions

And honestly the keep needs it Krubert said that it will hold but i Don’t think so Fixing the holes broken towers and plankd and cleaning up the skulls would be a fine addition We could add something like a “carpenters workbench” where we could craft extra rooms towers or even maniques to show of the great skins ! We could also add s decoration mode where we could scavenge decorations from missions and place it around the keep the game: warframe has a simullar system and i would love spending that scrap somewhere…

Or even flowers and trees… i mean why not ?


Alchemy table: a place where you can creat a custome potions and take them with you on a mission ! Be always ready ! And also other things like bombs ,healing and more

WHOO your still here ?

if you made it this far i thank you If you are a dev and reconsiderd this then many thanks and i hope you will add thees thing in the future (or atleast consider)

To all the people who read this thanks again This took me a whole afternoon to write and 2 hours to rethink

Goodbye and have a beutiful day !

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