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My thoughts about sienna.

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Bright Wizard was my most played character in VT1 and I played since launch of VT1 also got to 25 lvl in beta VT2. My playstyle is focused on close combat with beam staff, I hope other staves will be buffed but for me beam still would be weapon of choice (flameriver staff is also good but too slow for me). For melee weapons sword is the most versalite that ofers great CC and serviceable one target damage. Aside from AOE staves (and bolt) being weaker in VT2 the only adition is new staff. The real difference are in her choice of class. I will not talk about numbers but how I felt playing each class from worst to best.

PM is focused on long range with both her passive and active skills but lack any defensive abilities. Her active (flaming spear) do not works properly (targeting) and is very slow. Before she gets 25 lvl it is the worst class in game and if you dont have grim overcharge decrease is painfully slow. Her passive skill gives low damage boost for the cost of significantly slower melee attack.
Fix her active skill and boost her passive damage at high overcharge.


Unchained is very interesting and fun to play class with very good passive and active skill but it is most vulnerable to specials from all classes in game. At higher levels it is too easy to overheat. You can easily vent heat from blocking but one special stunlock can kill you after using staff for moderate overcharge. The risk is not worth the reward.
Simple solution would be venting all overcharge even when going over limit by activating Living Bomb.

Battle Wizard
Playing BW can be very rewarding because of her movement skill that can help you escape danger and rescue others. Positioning is very important for sienna because she can deal massive damage in short amount of time. Her passive helps decrease overcharge faster but it should be buffed. Often the best action is to telepot behind horde and kill fast all weak skavens/chaos. Her abilities do not encourage high overcharge so it is less risk of blowing up from overheat.
Buff effectiveness of her passive

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