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My thoughts about the current state of vermintide 2

warhammer 8 - My thoughts about the current state of vermintide 2

Firstly, thanks for reading my wall of text and your time.

Vermintide 1…. those were the times….. You'd try your best with a good group of friends to beat the hardest difficulty and still have a hard time succeeding. The suspense, the thrill of beating the challenge was the reason you played, not to have your hand held trough it.

Vermintide 2, most random groups of people can succeed on the highest difficulty. Who need skill when you can have temp HP stacking trough the roof and enemies that feels like a light breeze on highest difficulty?

It's as simple as this: a group of 4 randoms shouldn't be able to clear the highest difficulty without extraordinary teamwork. A group of 4 people with good coordination should struggle to clear a map on highest difficulty. The hardest deeds on legendary should be a nightmare to complete. There's always lesser difficulties for those who just want some casual gamely. Finishing the game and all achievements on max difficulty should be a challenge worthy of a couple of thousand hours. Not a couple of hundred.

What we're missing right now is the feeling of having to rely on your allies, focus on teamwork and struggle towards a common goal you're likely to fail. It's not about the win, it's about the struggle to get there that creates the epic feeling that vermintide used to have.

Changes that would fix a few of the issues: (Legendary should be merciless and those who sais it's too hard should go down a difficulty, if you make it so that I can almost never complete the game on legend, I'm happy)

Stormvermin charged attack: instant down unless you're above 120 HP (more then baseline for most DPS related specs) I'd even settle for the charged attack doing around 80 HP, 50 is a joke when you have temporary AOE HP abilities, abilities to negate DMG, abilities to reduce DMG for entire team, etc. Even making them do 80 DMG with 100% penetration would make sense since the charged attack is so easy to dodge.

Chaos warrior: double DMG and maybe even the ability to do the AOE knockback of the war camp boss in a lesser form on legend.

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Bleedout HP: same as normal HP. Either you bring the resources and have the teamwork to save them, or they should die. Mercy shouldn't be a part of the hardest difficulty. Even removing the ability to revive allies on legendary would seem reasonable in today's legendary difficulty.

Going alone punishes you hard, ex. going too far from team spawns specials that target the player. Ex, if you rush away from team, there's a 33% chance every 10 seconds that a special will spawn targeting you if you're more then 40 meters away from any ally. Or some other similar mechanic to punish straying from team.


Patching obvious exploit spots like blocking the adds on Skittergate boss (known bug since beta)

5 x friendly fire DMG. Ex. Bounty hunter crit should oneshot an ally aswell as an enemy.

More groups of enemies with shields that are hard to deal with alone but are approachable as a group, might be worth improving the impact of a push on a shield if there's more.

Since I don't want to be completely unfair, the devs have done a great work creating a follow up to Vermintide: End Times. Even with all the flaws I do enjoy this game more then the first. I'm just sad they made the endgame so easy as above a few hundred hours, you're done. In vermintide 1, that's when you started being good enough for max difficulty. So below I'll list the reasons the game is great:

Increase in differences between different characters

Creating a more diverse playstyle and new tactics

Improved mechanics for dodging and avoiding enemies

New weapons that introduce new playstyles

The new talent system further helps to create a more personal playstyle

New enemies and enemy mechanics that forces you to adapt to the situation

Character development according to warhammer lore

Great maps

The game looks like it was made with love

I quite like the new leveling system, it gives you a sense of progression and meaning to the game for the start.

Cosmetics in the game looks great, some people say that it's boring with just some blue glow on the weapons but I think they look awesome, the items seem like they're glowing from a powerfull enchantment without showing it too much (only exception would be the problem with upgrading items to max quality and getting said quality skin)

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Other random changes I feel are in order:

More readable lore

Option to not host, for those with low end specs or an unstable connection, there should be an option to refuse to be selected as host.

Option to prefer to host, maybe require a benchmark test to be done and in order to be able to select the option, you have to benchmark above X on game performance.

Kicked players are not allowed to rejoin a lobby, it's very rare that a player gets kicked so if they are, they shouldn't have the option to rejoin.


There are rumors going around that you might introduce microtransactions, I do not care in what form they are. If they're introduced in any form other then more DLC I will instantly uninstall your game.

Special thanks to Hörnchen for his assistance in writing this.

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