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I have about 200h in Vermintide2, Sienna main. Im running Legends with my friend, mostly duo with bots (or sometimes duo with other players playing worst then bots). Got fair amount of red items so far (4 jewellery and staff) and also completed Skittergate on legend (1,7% players did that, according to Steam)


Also im following this subreddit for some time and im im concerned about some situations.

  1. Rolling Balance patches – there should be no balance patches until devs solve all reported bugfixes concerning weapons (except hotfixes for situations like Huntsman oneshots bosses with blunderbuss).

For example, Sienna has 5 staffs:

  • Flamestaff was ok in beta, after rework its just useless on legend and probably no one use it on this lvl.

  • Conflagration and fireball – still bugged:

3 weeks later still not fixed.

  • Bolt/Beam is the only real choice. Still you roll balance patch hitting one of only two viable weapon. How do you expect that other staffs will be used when they are bugged and keep messing "grey HP on crit trait" and "heat Sink", making overheat managment much harder, especialy in extended fights.
  1. Start balancing weapons for highest level of difficulty, make every weapon viable on that lvl, rework/delete some if needed. Stop listening nerf/buff calls form people who dont run champion/legend consistantly.

  2. Please fix "Line of sight" – this should be priority. I saw too many globs/windsorceres attacking through walls/ solid objects

Example – Festering Ground, Glob spawn inside of tent (near second grimm) and throw through tent roof.

  1. Fix Boss + horde + special combo. Few days ago we were fighting Stormfiend on Righteous Stand, during fight we got horde with 2 packmasters blend inside.

  2. Deeds, make them drop more often. They suppose to replace contracts (which you could do few per day). So far i get 13 Deeds form chests, mostly Recruit/veteran lvl.

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